Space Games & Space Beer: Let’s Play Avorion, Episode 001

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BEGIN NOTE:– Hey folks, I’m adding a note to this and the next handful of episodes. This episode is one of a batch that I recorded last year with a mic that I thought sounded good on my initial sound tests, but after loading it in Premiere and working some edits, I ended up fairly displeased by the audio. It’s way too “breath-y” for my tastes, and would have been too much of a chore to edit to meet my personal standards.

However, I’m told I’m being too hard on myself, and that others might not really care all that much, so I’ve restored the data from a backup and edited it for release. If you find the mic audio bothersome, skip ahead to the first “Deliver us the Moon” episode which I actually recorded _before_ deciding to restore and re-edit these videos. Thank again for your time, and I hope the breaths aren’t too bothersome. –:END NOTE

Avorion has been on my list of game to check out for quite some time. After picking it up in a sale and finally giving it a try, I’m _really_ impressed by its smoothness. This is likely to become a game I play a lot in the long term, as the potential here is just astounding.

In this session I try a new beer from Ecliptic that may be the favorite I’ve had on here to date.

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