Space games of 2022 – news, releases & updates

For 2022, space game “genre” or trash pile has a lot of average, some really bad and some really promising games. Unreleased, upcoming , early access, betas, alphas and released games for this years.

—-Timestamps :
00:00 – Start
01:02 – Upcoming games
06:20 – Early Access
15:37 – Released games
20:41 – Mentions

—-Games showcased :
00:50 – Eve online
01:21 – Starfield
02:19 – Kerbal space program 2
02:52 – Blastronaut
03:20 – Spaceborne 2
03:54 – Homeworld 3
04:26 – Deadspace remake
04:46 – The calisto protocol
05:07 – Fragile Existence
05:41 – Flight of nova
06:01 – Falling frontier

06:57 – Hunternet
07:48 – Icarus
08:28 – Spacerift arcanum
08:55 – Everspace 2
09:56 – EarthX & rings of saturn
10:34 – Dual universe
11:48 – Infinity: Battlescape
12:15 – Star citizen
12:56- Starbase
13:28 – Earth anmalog
14:12 – Dyson Sphere Program
14:42 – Empyrion

16:01 – Elite Dangerous
17:34 – X4 : Foundations
18:02 – No man’s Sky
18:32 – Stellaris
19:04 – Exo One
19:27 – Chorus
20:02 – Space engineers

20:52 – Rebel galaxy Outlaw
21:02 – Stellar warfare
21:12 – Star wars Squadrons
21:36 – outer wilds
21:45 – Warframe
22:12 – Hardspace : shi[breaker
22:27 – Avorion
22:35 – Space Engine

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  1. SE run dlcs for all. Yeah… last real innovation they tried was rotors. It is still a surefire way to blow up your ship when loading in. Sorry… but while Empyrion is yanky at least it is honest yank, SE is grubby yank…

  2. How many have the two essentials imho? Cockpit view. Joystick control?

  3. Yamiks, a suggestion would be to put the title of the game on the screen along with the Source and Release. As you transition from one game to the next I found it easy to miss you saying the title so I had to keep backing up. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the videos.

  4. You should have a look at Nebulous : Fleet Command 😉

  5. Everspace devs censor criticism they don't like.

  6. Hello from Lithuania, interested to see the games mentioned

  7. Happy that you showed Empyrion. Despite the fact I 100% agree that it has a very amateur feel to it. It does arguably have a lot to do. I always described it as a Jack of All but Master of None kinda game. My favorite space game so far, although still not fully happy with it.

  8. "… Early Access Nonsense…" Not opinionated at all i see. 😀

  9. 5:35 Fragile Existence sounds more like a nod to "Fragile Allegiance" – a dos game from 90's

  10. can we get a list of recommendations of space combat games with hotas/hosas support (and possibly Tobi / trackir) that you recommend with some sort of playable state? (really need any star citizen replacement)

  11. I'm not the biggest fan of RTS but there's just something about Falling Frontier that interests me. Anyone else feeling the same way?

  12. When i saw that i clicked with 0.8C speed

  13. I was just browsing Steam to find a new space sim (in case I grow tired of Elite's jank… again…)
    Who knew our favourite Space-Latvian will deliver at the speed of light?

  14. Imagine if automakers released cars the same way game developer do…oh wait, one did. Hello Tesla!

  15. Blastronaut looks a lot like Starbound to me…

  16. No mention for Orbiter 2016? Guess spaceflight simulation programs aren't games.

  17. At this point I think the only thing that would excite me space-game wise would be someone else beating scam citizen to an offline single player (co-optional) version of their pipe dream.

    I don’t trust anyone to transfer I-war/x-wing into a new engine.

    Maybe if the subnautica devs did a space based game? Maybe, just maybe.

  18. Only 2 missing i can think of is "in to the black" space combat game, and "distant Worlds 2" rts or 4x
    Cheers for this i think I'll pick up one of the x games years since i played one

  19. OOOOOO – Check out Heavenly Bodies. Interesting looking game

  20. idk if it should make this list yet but theres a telltale expanse game coming out soon

  21. In The Black is scheduled to release this year. Another space combat arena sim aiming for the competitive PvP crowd. Led by the designers of Crysis and XWing vs Tie Fighter it looks like it could be a decent one, if only for the more Expanse style flight and combat.

  22. i would try out other space games if i wasn't scared of running into those that make it impossible to get new ships without paying real money (star trek online… cough cough).
    cosmetics and subscriptions don't bother me, as long as you don't require real money for something that should be a part of the base game… (every single Perfect World Entertainment game ever).

  23. Infinity battlescape rework? Lol this game has like 1 player online and its a pvp game

  24. a comment to please our almighty overlord with engagement to feed the algorithm!

  25. I would suggest also "Star Valor" still in alpha 1 man dev but very enjoyable.
    X4 the new expansion

  26. Starsector is my favorite space game by far

  27. HW3 is being made by a dev team with the lead designers from the previous HW games. Im having very high hopes for it! Also check out Solargene.. its very rough around the edges but the dev is a busy bee!

  28. Might wanna take a second look at Empyrion, Yamiks. It released to full 1.0 version in 2020, not into EA. It's been out almost as long as Space Engineers.

  29. FYI, Terraria + NMS exists, and it's called Starbound.
    But yeah, we will see, as those little cute platformers are usually fun to play.

  30. Never stop roasting those marshmallows, Yamiks.

  31. Starsector is another early access game that might be worth checking out.

  32. Rebel galaxy outlaw had a DLC planned but fucking devs just ran away, we have pirate lords to farm for ultimate weapons and what a grind it is

  33. How is Eve Online still alive? I know it's been getting updates after updates, but it's been showing its age for a few years now, and the devs are now trying to implement nft's into it.

  34. This Means Warp has a demo and is coming out "Soon" it is more or less if FTL and Overcooked had a baby with 4 player co-op.

  35. Probably announced after you wrapped up, but Gal Civ 4 has been announced. You mentioned stellaris, so 4x is fair game.

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