Space games of 2022 – news, releases & updates

For 2022, space game “genre” or trash pile has a lot of average, some really bad and some really promising games. Unreleased, upcoming , early access, betas, alphas and released games for this years.

—-Timestamps :
00:00 – Start
01:02 – Upcoming games
06:20 – Early Access
15:37 – Released games
20:41 – Mentions

—-Games showcased :
00:50 – Eve online
01:21 – Starfield
02:19 – Kerbal space program 2
02:52 – Blastronaut
03:20 – Spaceborne 2
03:54 – Homeworld 3
04:26 – Deadspace remake
04:46 – The calisto protocol
05:07 – Fragile Existence
05:41 – Flight of nova
06:01 – Falling frontier

06:57 – Hunternet
07:48 – Icarus
08:28 – Spacerift arcanum
08:55 – Everspace 2
09:56 – EarthX & rings of saturn
10:34 – Dual universe
11:48 – Infinity: Battlescape
12:15 – Star citizen
12:56- Starbase
13:28 – Earth anmalog
14:12 – Dyson Sphere Program
14:42 – Empyrion

16:01 – Elite Dangerous
17:34 – X4 : Foundations
18:02 – No man’s Sky
18:32 – Stellaris
19:04 – Exo One
19:27 – Chorus
20:02 – Space engineers

20:52 – Rebel galaxy Outlaw
21:02 – Stellar warfare
21:12 – Star wars Squadrons
21:36 – outer wilds
21:45 – Warframe
22:12 – Hardspace : shi[breaker
22:27 – Avorion
22:35 – Space Engine

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  1. No Man's Sky was fun until I found you could edit the saved game with wordpad…………

  2. I recommend checking out Nabulus Fleet Command.

  3. you do have star conflict as free to play monstrosity with some good ideas forever entombed in shit. That game would definitely be amusing and horrifying to see.
    and outer wilds did get dlc

  4. Maybe look into Terra Invicta? It's a neat looking strategy game coming these year by Pavonis Interactive, who made the Long War mods for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2.

  5. I've been quite enjoyed Osiris New Dawn recently. It's set in Space, but is it a Space Game?

  6. I have played helium rain recently it’s good and you should try it

  7. EVE – Online : Dying since 2003
    It'll still be here in 10 years i bet.

  8. Starbase and Space Engineers, the most technically capable and feature rich space games out there

  9. I really wish more of these lists gave some attention to Starsector. It's absolutely my favourite space game and does virtually everything you'd want from a space game extremely well.

  10. Exclusives can go fuck themselves! Kerbal Space Program was stolen from the creators of the game. Not even touching that shit with a stick!

  11. You missed Nebulous: Fleet Command. EA Feb 11 2022. One -man shop. Great serious of dev logs on YT.

  12. Star Citizen alpha 1.0 was in 2015. 2022-2015 = 7. 3 Years and yamiks didnt still learn when sc first alpha was released. how so stupid?

  13. 5:55
    *Gravitational potential

    It’s physics nit picking but I saw that gravitational potential energy —> kinetic energy reference

  14. So still nothing better than Elite (with no game story) out there. Oh well.

  15. Don't care about the source. I want the game title.

  16. U didn't go over echo of the eye for outer wilds

  17. 16 times the 'ling

    I do wish to see something that can check all the boxes that Elite once had. And exceed it

  18. As a fan of the first one and Cataclysm, i look forward for Homeworld 3, but the debacle of the Remaster has me worrying.
    For the other titles, of course there will be a lot of trash we need to search through until we find the treasure, so let´s keep digging.

  19. I still believe Freelancer(2003) is still one of the greatest space games of all time, especially with the newly updated HD mod so it works beautifully on 16:9.

  20. @TheYamiks This is a fail, bro. 🙂
    I didn't catch half of the titles of the games you are talking about. Why didn't you include the titles of the games in the on-screen captions along with the release dates and "source"? It's a such unfortunate oversight…

  21. Star Citizen has a lot of work in progress, however, nothing come close to the magnitude of its free to roam environments and ships. It has a steep learning curve so most of these arcade shooters and RPGs are in a different universe of games. Sure they share the space theme but thats it. And ED really? No Man Sky is good for those not interested in the challenges of exploring a live space sim in dev, SC.

  22. Who would’ve ever thought that the roll out for Odyssey to be anything but a disastrous POS!!! Isn’t there a bunch of games that are space based and FPS games with missions to complete and things to shoot? Oh yeah there is Destiny, NMS, Dead Space, Halo, Mass Effect, to just name a few. They destroyed the game listening to people who only want bang bang pew pew mindless BS, oh and don’t forget the ability to walk around a ship 😰 I was worried I couldn’t walk around the flying piece of pizza a Corvette is. Frontier should be ashamed of themselves

  23. The hard work u put into your videos just shows thanks!

  24. Do you even keep up-to-date with all the StarCitizen update and SC Live videos?
    They're definitely always hard at work behind the scenes working on not only small updates to keep the players happy, but also massive additions that will come later only when they are deemed suitable to share with the player base so as to not disapoint.

  25. Blessed be the Latvian Space Jesus – you should check out starsector, I'd be interested to hear your opinions on it, even if it might be "Fuck this hyperspace storm bullshit!"

  26. Why the hell wouldn’t you include the name of the game itself on the screen? You took the time to put the developer.

  27. Great and very comprehensive list, You should take a look at Starship EVO, its a very generic name, but the game itself is very impressive, coming from a one person developer.

  28. I just started playing Elite Dangerous roughly 2 weeks ago and have 85 hours in the game. As a huge sci-fi fan, and as someone who has played EVE for 7 years, I cannot believe people play this game. The so-called "bubble" feels void of all life except for NPC's who offer the same dull conversation and voice lines over and over again. I have explored over 200 star systems both inside and outside the bubble, but it all just seems the same to me except for few color differences. The majority of the missions make no sense, and require checking youtube or other guides for what in the world one is supposed to do, cause the game itself offers zero explanation. Frontier Developments has over 750 employees but it feels like they only have 5 developers working on this game. Latest ship was released in 2018, like what the hell is up with that? It's not like the game is balanced in any way as Engineers throws everything up in the air, with the sole exception that it is mandatory for pvp. I would not recommend this game to anyone and I am so happy I picked it up for only $5 USD cause what a waste.

  29. Star Citizen will come out when is ready, he's very shy.

  30. Have you heard of a game called Nebulous: Fleet Command? It's on Steam due to shift to EA in February.

  31. Yamik man, how could you have missed Starsector?? Never seen you mention it…..

  32. This must have taken an enormous effort to put it all together. Thank you for this, Yamiks

  33. Space engineer is a good game ofc but it has "zero pve" Cant see why pepole always seems to talk about SE when empyrion atleast got the AI right ,SE got the engineering right and the physics but it lag like craZy when building big ships and there is no real pve ai factions in SE so its moostly pvp or a basic survival game…

  34. Fly Dangerous on Steam, you can use it to improve your ED flying skills 😉
    I am still amazed by the fact that the Space Games like ED and SC don't have a real third competitor 🤔
    Thanks for the overview Yamiks ✌️

  35. Hey I think I was banned from your discord server. May I have that ban lifted its been a very long time and I can't even remember what it was for

  36. The cycle frontier is also one to look forward to ^-^

  37. 7:34 – Retarded "Turrets in Space" gameplay. The worst possible thing.

  38. Am I the only one who sees?? Yamiks you need to start playing something new and FORGET about Elite. Do you want to go down with that ship?

  39. Star Citizen is actually a whole lot of fun in 2022. I just pledged a few weeks back, always been keeping up to date with it, but a bunch of my friends seemed to be having a great time so I jumped in. And I'm having a great time.

  40. Any space game made by russia deserves a mention , russians love space games i even had to get google translate a few times.

  41. 22.59 … lol, this was the best part ! and so, so true !

  42. Thanks for this man there are actually some of these I didn't know of. I love the soundtrack on rebel galaxy though 😆 gonna have to save this video for when I get the cash.
    Ooo avorions fun too

  43. Just because can we talk more about "Star Atlas" sorry had to poke fun of it too.

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