Space Games of 2022-23: The Upcoming Titles and Updates

Cyber Raccoon
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Mankind has been attracted by the stars throughout its existence. This is reflected in many aspects of both culture and history. Unfortunately, in the near future, travel to such distances is unlikely to become more affordable. In this regard, the thirst for a jump into the unknown darkness is called upon to quench computer games.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Space Engine
1:20 Elite Dangerous
2:10 No Man’s Sky
2:50 EVE Online
3:41 X4: Foundations – Tides of Avarice
4:32 Space Engineers
5:38 Kerbal Space Program 2
6:31 Star Citizen
7:30 Evochron Legacy
8:17 Everspace 2
8:59 Starfield
9:49 Starbase
10:34 Boundary
11:14 Homeworld 3
12:06 Ixion
12:43 Falling Frontier
13:33 System Shock
14:23 The Outer Worlds 2

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  1. Ixion – I've never seen so many " game over " it's the hardest game I've ever tried, it doesn't have difficulty levels, by default Hardcore =))

  2. Woooow I have to play in aaaaall this games!😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Heads up, starbases community is kinda dead and the game is no longer supported by the devs till further notice, dont expect them to come back :/

  4. If Outer Worlds 2 is like the first one, then it's gonna suck. That game was boring as hell.

  5. Adding unreleased games doesent maje your list better

  6. nothing original about this list…every single video out there about space games, talk about the same crappy games.

  7. Eeee veee online and ennngeen wtf is this shyte

  8. Wrong, there are loading screens in NMS. When you "land" on a planet it loads a new map (with a flat voxel terrain) that represents the planet surface, the atmosphere entry effect is the loading screen.
    Also, the planets are NOT orbiting the sun in no mans sky. Each "solar system" just a map loading a few empty planets and objects, and the sun is just a point on the skybox texture. Hence why you can't ever reach the sun and the controls get jiggly, as you are too far from the world origin (the map center).

  9. Star Citizen combat simulation….yeah at best that game is pc benchmark tool

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