[SPACE GAMES] Fractured Space REVIEW – February 2016

Anton Petrov
Hello and welcome to What Da Math?!

In January of 2016 Fractured Space had a free weekend on Steam and on top of that this game often had a lot of really good sales so I decided to go back to it and try it again having not played this for several months.
This is a review of the only space MOBA with so much complexity and amazing combat and I hope this video gives you a good idea of what this game is all about.

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  1. Hello! why allways space ships are with elongated shape if there is no friction without none atmosphere? thanks.

  2. this game is shit. they erased all the fucking data.

  3. So when do you test Eve Online ? (21 or even 30 Days test , just need to find a code but there are many of them especial the 21 day test because its a Friend invite and many people like to invite people.) Its an Sandbox game they even made a comic based on a event which was made by players….most brutall and hardcore Guild Warriaors you will find in eve 😀 (of course the game is more and not just about Guild war… ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTT0K_u9XyY

  4. I feel like this game will be pretty much forgotten when Dreadnought pops out.

  5. 2:37: That was not my experience 😮 You used to be able to join matches in-progress so you'd get different people cycling in and out. I joined in-progress matches almost exclusively (skip the boring early levels and get to be the underdog? Hell yeah!) and I won the majority of them. It was a chaotic system, to be sure, but I'm not sure I like people being locked into the match better.

    6:32: No. The loadout options are all sidegrades, not upgrades. They are not intended to be any better or worse than the default equipment. Same for the ships themselves. It's a pretty important point and something that I really like about the game 🙂

    9:30: Frontline is just a single, large lane with Jump Points all aroudn the outside and ships are distributed randomly. It's the equivalent of ARAM in MOBAs.

    11:02: That is some guess there 😛

    10:50: Basically, you do a ton of DPS but you can only fire 100% of your weapons in a small cone in front of your ship, which makes it very easy for fast ships to maneuever out of your firing arc (or slow ships if you let them get close). Keep at range (optimal is 12km) and keep on the horiontal plane of your target so you can do max DPS. Use Shroud to guard big damage bursts, like Fusion Beam, Ghost/Enforcer volleys, Brawler Harpoons, or if you need to Jump out of cover.

    12:46: That is a Decoy :p They don't move or make any action and when you shoot them the health bar doesn't move so they are very easy to distinguish. Also, the real Ghost with the same name being visible to your rear 😀

    13:17: Save the Shroud for when you hear his Ambush fire. It doesn't last long and you want to bait them into firing at your side, if possible.

    15:14: I know what you mean. It's the lack of items and PvE, and the 3-D and cover. It's all PvP, all skill-based, and no huge information barrier where you have to know all the right item builds, jungle cycling, 100 different heroes, etc. It is true that there is a lot of hidden information that is not available to new players but that will be dealt with (hopefully) by release.

    16:09: The player numbers are low 'cause it's still in Alpha and they have chosen not to advertise much until release. Still, there are always enough people to get a match in under 10 minutes, usually under 5 (though there are some massive exceptions 'cause the Matchmaking is still a bit borked :p) so I wouldn't say it's too much of an issue. It's really just that you'll be seeing the same people pretty often in between free weekends.

    17:03: When you need to switch lanes, use Jump Home (#6) and then regular Jump (#5). Different cooldowns 😉

    18:04: It's definitely going F2P on release, that's been the plan from the start.

    19:41: Great demonstration of why you want to keep distance with the target :p

    19:55: Revenant was a present to everyone who played around the first free weekend.

    22:10: Forget where it's going, it's worth buying for what it is right now :p I don't know of any other space MOBA out there and I enjoy this leagues (no pun intended) more than other MOBAs. It's all tactics and strategy and skill and I love that 🙂

  6. Is there a way to play as a fighter? I know you'd get killed alot, but it still sounds fun to have the option.

  7. Thanks for the vid, Didnt know about this game.
    Im joining the fight!

  8. dont waste your time with this game, put hours into eveonline or the like. its ran by small minded people. And have the people dont know how to fly the ships they are in which leads to loss after loss.

  9. match making in this game is ridiculous, gameplay is to slow, there's no joystick support. there's alot other better games out to play than this game.

  10. Тоже играл в альфу, но почему-то игра не зацепила меня…. Но в любом случае, спасибо за обзор)

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