Space Engineers – Colony SALVAGE – Ep #43 – The Wrong Paint?

Captain Jack
Returning to rebuilding the C.S.S Vengeance, Admiral Jack asks the most important question. Why are we using the wrong paint?

Space Engineers – Colony Salvage is a new Space Engineers Survival Multiplayer Role-Play adventure from Captain Jack! The team returns on a new journey to rescue friends, rebuild ships and explore the mystery that presents itself.

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Title: Space Engineers – Colony SALVAGE – Ep #43 – The Wrong Paint?
#SpaceEngineers #CaptainJack #ColonySalvage

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  1. Screm 6 was more of a gore movie

  2. i dont think a single block was actually welded up in this entire episode

  3. Yay after a few weeks of no episodes we got one

  4. Let’s go!!! A new Colony Salvage video !!!!!

  5. I was wondering when he was going to upload a vid

  6. Should make a lil welder ship and a turret array with the lazer or just make it with gattoling array

  7. Can we get a scenario start of that scrapyard?

  8. Always fun to watch these. Mostly cause the chaos waiting is a gamble. It’s either dumb, ridiculous or both

  9. 2:08 castle took part of the crew part of the ship way to seriously.

  10. Munchy is the real villien of this and munchy is kastles baby

  11. Awesome series ! just seeing you trying to rebuild the shapes around the top guns, but managing to get it a block off, despite checking multiple times was paintfull xD

  12. A few seconds into the video and we already had technology becoming something like the Borg out of Star Trek oh lord

  13. hope the automation update makes it into this

  14. Great to see you all back Captain "Admiral" Jack and crew, funnier each time.

  15. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    Your humor and wit make this video so entertaining to watch.😄

  16. "why are you wanking your tortoise?". Oof, that's quite likely to be a hapax legomenon for the English language.


  18. Still very much enjoy this series. Love the humor you guys bring. It always makes me laugh 🤣🤣

  19. i love seeing these pop up on my home screen, "I'm backing up my argument with a shotgun" is the best response I've ever heard LOL

  20. I think the Vengeance is going to look beautiful with the hazard bars on the stern. Can't wait to see her become airborne again.

  21. It would be hilarious if when they finish it a drone ship hits the fule line and it just drops like a sack of rocks.

  22. I saw that's you have place a lot's of CARGO CONTAINER… but have you at least 1 HYDROGEN TANK ? Because it's not with the ION thrusters that's you'll successfully lift that massive Spaceship…

  23. Turn on builder systems to build the ship and check the settings of the nanites system

  24. "So Mr. Finn… its your sworn testimony that the captain edited the ships logs to absolve himself of responsibility for the calamity's that befell you whilst on the planet?"
    "Ah just said wha happen, I dinna see em compose the damn thing!"

  25. Man, speed up the process, the vengeance will be ready and we won't be alive to see it lmao

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