Space Ace Review – play free games online and get paid

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Space Ace Review – play free games online and get paid

Today we are looking at Space Ace. This is a fast action spaceship shooter game from Holy Fire Games which you can play on the gazpo IO gamesite.

Controlling your ship is pretty simple as it just follows your mouse pointer and your ships fires at the enemy automatically. This is great as it leaves you free to concentrate on how to avoid the many dangers that come your way.

You’ll have to avoid the many asteroids that fly into your path randomly and constantly from all different angles. They can do you a lot of damage if they connect.

You will of course face ever increasing numbers of alien ships on each wave firing at you. This is both stationary and closely pursuing you wherever you move. As you kill them, you can collect the red drops of energy to power you up.

Where this game gets really interesting is in the powerups that become available to you as you play. Many of them will be stored in slots near the top of the screen while some are activated instantly as you fly over them. The powerups in the slots can be cycled through by using the mousewheel and activated by using the keyboard spacebar.

The stored powerups are Repair to restore your ships health, Time which slows everything down temporarily and Void which opens up a black hole and sucks the enemy into oblivion.

Other powerups you will see and are activated instantly are these:
Bomb – this will cause a big blast and wipe out all around apart from you
Speed – get an instant speed and manueverability boost
Melee – faster attack and response action for you
Bonus – bonus to your score
Ghost – this makes it temporarily harder for the enemy to track and attack you
Magnet – the ability to draw in the red drops of energy to your ship
Shot – increases your firepower and does more damage to the enemy

The powerups add a huge dimension in regards to achieving much higher scores. It can take a little bit of time to get used to using them effectively but really adds a lot of the fun factor into it.

Gazpo Games are making quite the name for themselves for not only having a wide range of entertaining and fun free to play games available, but also for the fact you can be rewarded for your gameplay too. Enjoy.

If you like the look of Space Ace be sure to check out the other gazpo games reviews and up to date info on our channel. Likes and subs are always welcome. 🙂 Thanks.

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