#shorts Star Citizen VS Elite Dangerous

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#shorts #starcitizen VS #elitedangerous
The difference between landing on an atmospheric planet in Star Citizen and Elite dangerous.


  1. У Элит управление говно полное

  2. The loading time shown for Elite Dangerous when transitioning from the cockpit to the ground is ridiculous. On my system, it takes less than 3 seconds.

  3. I would play star citizen if I could afford it :p

  4. elite dangerous in VR is a transcendent experience

  5. In gravity, especially atmospheric flight model way to simplistic in this game…

    Flying these ships should be difficult, espessially the larger ones, and landing should require skills and training. Then hauling goods could be fun beyond the grind to buy a better ship…

  6. SC, at this point, has almost the same funding as Infinity War and Endgame combined. This is what the money got. A tech demo.

  7. even in this comparison video you get noticably better performance on elite

  8. La diferencia es que Elite esta acabado se puede comprar y jugar sin bugs es mas realista que todos los planetas tengan agua y árboles y el mapa es mas grande en Elite…star citizen es una ilusion….nada mas…

  9. Tho sc looks better , ed is more stable

  10. Both games are dope but elite is more advanced and polished… hopefully in at least 10 yrs star citizen will be the same 🥲

  11. Yeah Star Citizen is total trash so bring up one of its biggest things it has going for it vs something years older that was added and something most pilots never use. Im still choosing Elite Dangerous.

  12. Keep in mind, one was released in 2014 as a full game while the other is still in development since 2012.

    Both are awesome.

  13. Star citizenm top o outro não conheço. Mas conheço mace griffin bounty hunter que também é do espaço etc na ora que tu sai do modo piloto ele pde andar dentro da nave e a porta se abre pra tu sair…

  14. Elite's map has 400 billion stars…and trillions of planets. Star Grift has ONE solar system.

  15. Star Citizen crunches my PC haha. No offline options. The ships better have better animations considering how much they cost 😅

  16. Yea and starfield makes star citizen feel like crap. For as long as this game has been in the works it should be a million times better than it is and the amount of money they have spent and raised for star citizen it should have been completely done by now. Oh but wait star citizen is still on alpha phase even after 13 years is ridiculous and people still paying to play this crap game and the money they charge for ships smh what a rip off

  17. elite I closed it after 800 hours out of boredom SC after 30 hours out of anger and pain. shame on both of them

  18. Star Citizen is so ambitious, Star Citizen can't even be Star Citizen.


  19. Both seem kinda boring… at least games like no man sky have thermal logic when entering the atmosphere… where's the heat?

  20. Elite is a Full Game with a Wohle Galaxy. Star Citizen is a 30k tech Demo!

  21. Next show the difference with missions in each game. Pick any random one.

  22. I can play one on Xbox one the other I need a top end PC to maybe run it

  23. Star citizin is not even a game lol. It is an alpha. When you compare things, they must be of the same nature or class. Apples with apples, cars with cars….

  24. Damn, i feel for my elite brothers and sisters. * shakes fist at fdev* I'm glad i hitched my wagon to cig in 2012 lol but damn.

  25. I love both of them, but I have played elite dangerous long time

  26. And then there was Starfield… *queue loading screen*

  27. Objection: you are leading the witness by comparing a planet with an atmosphere and flora with a barren rock planet without atmosphere! Star Citizen has at least one of those, doesn't it? 😉

  28. Elite dangerous is still a better game because it's at least playable. Every time I attempt to play SC their's a new problem. From infinite load screen to not being able to pick a server 😑

  29. Both have pros and cons, I’m currently in a space engineer coma

  30. On one hand, I'd say unfair comparison. However, as some have stated, much to be learned from each other.

    That aside, my takeaways (with little knowledge save Wiki on SC); Scale & Goal of the Games are vastly different. E:D has a scale star map of the Milky Way Galaxy and focused almost exclusively on the ship aspect of it. To SC's credit of this pull from the wiki, "Players can freely navigate around and on the surface of four planets, nine moons, a planetoid, and a gas giant." Those planets seem more detailed, but not as numerous plain planetoids.

    From my perspective of having played E:D a bit, E:D is a more chill game to play with VR support, VoiceAttack support to talk to your ship and have William Shatner as your AI. SC seems more action focused, but we'll see when (you mean if) the game releases.

    Perhaps a better comparison would be E:D & Starfield with the knowledge that E:D game out in 2014, so used as a measuring stick while still taking into account things both games did well and (hopefully) unifying them in future space games as a progression instead of a digression or watered down of their predecessors. The pitfall there is E:D is closer to a space-trucking simulator whereas Starfield is a Bethesda RPG.

  31. SC просто фирма по сбору денег, а не игра. За столько лет уже могли бы выпустить, а не лепить новые кораблики за 100500$

  32. This guy basically only gave hearts to either criticises to ED or compliments to SC 💀

  33. Elite dangerous is very impressive, if you compare the budgets (>565 M$ for SC)

  34. Mayor difference we already have Elite Dangerous meanwhile Star Citizen is coming out in 2050.

  35. as much as i used to like ED, at least star citizen has released ships in the last 4 years. maybe ef elite made more ships, changed the combat meta, and spiced up the combat to have more diversity, i might go back.

  36. OH Elite if you only focused on the space legs instead of building the worst open world shooter ever made. Ship and station interiors were all we really wanted yet they shot themselves in the balls and lost the final bit of trust the community had in them.

  37. I am editing the first 4 Assassins Creed games into a TV show on my channel if anyone is into that sort of thing, thanks for watching.

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