SGJ Podcast #378 = Free Space Games

Space Game Junkie
Friends, join us today as we talk about great space games you can play for free! Here are the games we mentioned:

Endless Sky
Remnants of the Precursors
Vendetta Online
Star Trek Online
Star Conflict
Vega Conflict
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Sonata 2
Tyrian 2000
Orbiter 2016
Space Choice Data Analyzer
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space
Captain Starshot
Relic Hunters Zero: Remix
Red Planet Farming
Birth of the Empires
10 Minute Space Strategy
The Orville Interactive Fan Experience
ASCII Sector
Escape Velocity Nova
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  1. Thanks for the kind words! We are still slowly chipping away on Pioneer. Some flight control improvements and nice (albeit static) cockpit are in the works these days for example.

  2. Looking up the games as you all mention them. Great fun, much appreciated!!

  3. Really annoying that I have time to search the names of these games but the live chat is gone and no list attached to the video.

  4. I have over 4200 hours in Warframe. I don't worry about racing to farm items anymore, but I still hop in for new Nightwave campaigns and to see what Baro is selling. I'll probably play more when crossplay comes later this year so I can sherpa some people.

  5. I would love to see a conversation about the LACK of Capital Ship games. I have literally been looking decades for these whenever they show up and they are both rare and often not the most fun to play.

  6. Cap ships…..great idea…………i got so much crap for saying startrek bridge crew is one of the best team space cap games………….it was close to being as good as sea of thieves. Sea of thieves is a bench mark for multi crew.

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