SGJ Podcast #191 – Space Games We (and You) Love

Space Game Junkie
This week, we’ll talk about the space games we love, as well as the ones you’re also enamored with.
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  1. Star Wolves 1 was decent, 6/10. Shares many of the same faults at Star Wolves 3, and goes on entirely too long. It is also a story about how badly a company can market a game. Apparently Star Wolves 2 is a absolutely terrible terrible game that should not be touched under any circumstances. Play the third insteadPlease, pick apart the game's faults for me as semi-professional youtubers you should be able to do a good job at this sort of thing :)Sadly I don't write romance. At all.Recently announced space games. Voyageur is a recent release and does in fact take place in space, although it takes sci-fi in a completely different direction and might not be ideal for this channelStar Fleet II. I want to play it so badly ever since you showed it off. Working copy to be found anywhere? No. Getting DOSbox to run a game can be such a wonderful experience. You of all people not being able to find the manual does not bode well either. There is a competent remake of Star Fleet I on Google Play but they are completely different games 🙁

  2. This was a great one very funny guys and entertaining, way to switch it up.

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