Salvaging Space Panels with the Drake Vulture | Star Citizen 3.23 | 500k aUEC in 90 min

DJ Star Citizen
Thanks for your really helpful and positive comments to my latest Salvage video! That is what a community is about !!! So I am back in the Drake Vulture to look for these “Space Panels” you were talking about.
It needs a bit of training, but once you know, what you are looking for, this seems like a very profitable business. Until it comes to selling…

0:00 Back in the Vulture
1:38 Asteroid Belt Yela
2:13 First Salvage target
3:25 Space Panels
7:46 Trouble selling
9:46 Thanks for comments best SC community


  1. This video is made possible by the very helpful and constructive comments to my last Salvaging video!! Thanks a lot and shoutout to all commentors! This is what community is about!

  2. no no you are doing this wrong !!! when you scan unknown look at the RS signature ..if it is in the 1000's .. ie 8000 , 20000 ,12000 etc they are debris ..if 1200, 1700 they are asteroids.. you can do this from far away so saves alot of time.

  3. My way is to do the HH clean up. It gives roughly the same…completely full vulture in ca. 90min. The difference, u don’t need to search. But I think if u do it for the gameplay and not mainly for the money, ur way is more fun. I didn’t know this loop, so I will try my own.

  4. yo! when you scan you can use the scan signature number to see if its plates or not, 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, 10k, 12k, and so on are plates, rest is ores, only even numbers that end with "000" is salvagable plates ^^

  5. Hypothetical situation/question. Let's say you've gone to multiple TDDs and there is zero demand for RMC. If your Vulture is packed full of RMC (~20+ SCUs) and you then decide to store your ship, will you lose all your RMC SCU boxes inside it when you go to pull the ship back out of storage?

  6. With the web page SC Tradetools you can see live which TDD demands RMC and what they give you for it

  7. Isn't this that scam game that has been in dev hell for 20 years and is still in pre alpha? Hahahahaha.

  8. i wish there were jobs to transfer RMC from TDD's to places that need specific materials. this way the TDD's are not always full most of the time with RMC. i wish this for other materials, but we all know the RMC is the most relevant here.

  9. My issue is I can never get the panels to ever appear. I get within 3km of them, and then nothing. I've even ran into a few invisible ones, but never actually seen an panel.

  10. Feel foolish. Was flying through the asteroid field and the ping would disappear and I’d move on. Probably passed on hundreds of these things.

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