[Roblox] Space Tycoon FLOOR 8 UPDATE! LAUNCHING NUKE!!!

Shadow Ching Gaming
Space Tycoon is finally updated, and this update is kinda huge. You can AFK earn Dark Matter and you can earn Dark Matter easier. The best thing is you can launch a nuke! You can kill everyone on the planet you selected!!! This update is so COOOOL!


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  1. welp lets hope game won't die in a week again ☠

  2. Shadowchinggaming: lanches nuke at earth
    Earthlings: doom in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 kaboom

  3. The game has 800 Active players it is saved again!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am freinds with the richest player nub with over 254 billion cash and a couple million gems and dark matter

  5. Hello i wanna be owen's helper i play st since the first day it came

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