Roblox Smiling Critters RP News – Big Update Coming soon 🎥

Smiling Critters RP
All the Smiling Critters RP News Before Actual Update!
Update Coming soon ! 💖

Hello, Welcome to the Official Smiling Critters YouTube news channel. You’ll receive news and latest up-coming updates leak on this channel! (Managed by Unsurprise & Daisy)


  1. hi is cartoon hoppy will be free or she will need money to buy?

  2. finally I was looking for the cartoon hoppy hopscotch and I always play your game smiling critters RP its perfect

  3. Cartoon kickin chicken and cartoon craftycorn and cartoon mommy long legs pls

  4. Watch out for the shippers who gonna play this

  5. Question: Why does Catnap have no eyebrows

  6. I dont ilke the badges so why i dont like the game 😢

  7. Hello team of the game I like the most, how are you?

    So I wanted to talk about whether you can add minigames to play with friends, I really want to play with my friends, please let me know.

  8. Great work on cartoon hoppy but you should I even make a crafty or bubba if you have time for these updates on the game.And nice job on the game the cartoons look great and the badge’s too that even nightmare catnap and catnap v2 or super great and another thing if you have time for this morphs on the update Mr.delight or nightmare Huggy and the ruined plush’s and a v2 No legs Dogday if you really have a lot of time to make these updates that I think I could appreciate that but only if you have time to make these ideas in the upcoming update or in the future.And have a nice day And I’m going to love cartoons Hoppy!.

  9. What does it mean by cartoon catnap model update? Because I have something I noticed the left leg glitches out when the running animation happens so i think the legs should be longer so that it doesn’t glitch out

  10. Whens the cartoon hoppy coming out? @SmilingCrittersRP

  11. It will be crazy if they made all of the smiling critters to cartoons they can be found or obby to get it

  12. I wish cartoon Kickin chicken was here

  13. the next update can you add poppy playtime factory

  14. I ammm esssoooooo lllooooovvveeee tttttthhhhiiiiissssss gggggaaaaaaammmmmeeeeeee i have nightmare catnap and catnaap v2

  15. But what if you have Cartoon Catnap already before this update came?

  16. А где находится заяц (Hoppi Hopscotch)?


  18. How long do you update this game I'm so excited to get hoppy hopscotch badge😊😁

  19. I hate Roblox💢💢💢💢💢💢💢 because it’s almost broke this iphone

  20. I'm really excited for this big update😊

  21. Omg I just found your channel!! I play the roleplay to!

  22. I play this game 24/7 all day after shcool and I really wish you can add cartoon kickin chicken into the game. I think I would look really good because you all ways make good smiling critter morphs. Every update I get excited! I’m also subscribed and I liked the video. This Update will be the best! You allways have the BEST smiling critters morphs and so much detail!


  24. Can you and expressions to cartoon characters?

  25. Me was to exited for the update and went to the game to check

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