PS5 DualSense Edge Review

The DualSense Edge controller puts its customization front and center with its slick software and intuitive Function buttons, finally giving PlayStation owners an answer to the venerated Xbox Elite.


  1. Why does it still have potentiometers that will fail as always when there is better tech like the tesla throttle pedal that has no parts wearing out

  2. The battery will get upgraded in a few months so you have to buy a new one

  3. Was getting huge Mr Robot energy from the soundtrack in the background here 😢

  4. Is it just mine or the buttons press sound weird than the normal dualsense?

  5. Let iFixit do the Analog Stick part as…

  6. This product makes no financial sense

  7. I'd love one of these if they didn't come in pandaprint

  8. That shiny cheap looking plastic on the face plate ruins it

  9. The Xbox elite is the G.O.A.T – I mean you can even make custom ones for not that expensive and they build and ship quickly

  10. Dualsense 2 will prob release end of the year with longer battery life lol.

  11. I’ll wait til ps5 slim w/ Edge releases

  12. Shame the D-pad doesn't get customisation.

  13. What is the price of the replacement stick modules?

  14. mans handles that controller like hes throwing up gang signs

  15. Absolutely fantastic review. Thank you so much.

  16. That battery life is terrible… wtf for $200?!

  17. They wanna charge $200 and can’t improve battery life also the USB cable lock feature feels like a waste seeing that the original one already fits snug it feel overpriced to me

  18. My dualsense edge has arrived!!!! Who else got their controller today?

  19. Shame Sony didn't do the back button adapter for the Dualsense like the Dualshock 4 has, for those that don't want to fork out the £210 price for the controller.

  20. Just got my edge controller and the right trigger clicks if you set it to a small trigger pull. Is it meant to be that way?

  21. Reviewer desperately needs to cut his nails.

  22. Who needs extra battery life? I'm sorry if you go from 100% to zero you need to leave your sweat pit. You have to replace the controllers often enough, to not have battery degradation as an issue. Go get some fresh air while your controller chargers.

  23. The shiny plastic on the front looks quite awful, the black version of the regular controller looks way more "pro" in my opinion

  24. People keep complaining about the Battery life of the controller use the connection lead supplied it’s not just a chargin lead and USING IT CAN eliminates LAGG

  25. Guys 4 and a half hours is plenty of time to play a game straight . Enjoy your life

  26. No mechanical buttons, no hall sensing Analog sticks, not interesting

  27. If you are a PC gamer and don't own a PS5, don't bother getting this. You cannot access any of the features, including remapping. There is no system or software in place to changing anything.

  28. It looks no different from the dial sense controller the size looks the same not worth $200

  29. I’ve received mine today and got to say i’m really disappointed l2 and r2 triggers feel cheap backbuttons aren’t as ‘clicky’ as expected. Hard to justify the 240 euro for a duelsense with software integration and swappable stickmodules

  30. Clowns throwing away $200 for back buttons and button reassignments.

  31. For people complaining about battery life. You do realize that you can use any USB-C plug and continue playing right? Seriously you people act like plugging it in is so hard to do. Also it must be nice to have so much free time that you can play for more than four hours at a time on a consistent basis.

  32. Finally fixable sticks!!!! Big win for the Chel community

  33. Can someone confirm that you’re able to bind R3 to either of the paddles.

  34. Anyone figure out how to get this to work on pc yet?

  35. Still not worth the money, its not triple but 4 times the price of a normal PS5 controller.

  36. The standard controller can do this with a simpler software update

  37. Did the dipshits that design cars do this controller? Who in the hell wants piano gloss black on something you touch all day?

  38. So you can’t swap the battery?.
    The sticks are not the only part that wears out. If you can’t swap the battery then it is way too expensive

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