PS5 DualSense Edge Review

The DualSense Edge controller puts its customization front and center with its slick software and intuitive Function buttons, finally giving PlayStation owners an answer to the venerated Xbox Elite.


  1. The only way this to me would be worth it is if it fixes stick drift

  2. What’s wrong with your controller someone else did the battery test and it lasted 8-10 hours

  3. Cost as much a entire Series S console and has a battery life of only 4h???????!!!!

  4. They shoulda went with a matte black instead of that gloss for its stick cover.

  5. That's the coolest controller Sony ever made

  6. He has the paddles in wrong 🤔 mine are almost flush to the back and work much better!

  7. 2 paddles lmao, bro, Sony you're a straight up joke.

  8. No extended battery and no magnet sticks… No thanks…

  9. Got delivered to my door yesterday. Literally a game changer with the customizable profiles! Undefeated 🙌

  10. I'll deal with the battery life to keep controller in the typical Dual sense shape..I don't want a big bulky Xbox controller.

  11. It’s 50% of the cost for the digital console and 40% for disk … kind of dumb to basically say the console is only 50% more robust than the freakin controller.

  12. If you're complaining about the ps5's controller battery, then you're playing to much and have other real life issues. Ask yourself why you're playing until your controller dies? That's not only excessive, but not healthy both physically and mentally. Get your life together if you're playing for that long.

  13. Could have had it come with halo joysticks but nah you make more money this way. Junk

  14. One improvement I've noticed that the Edge has over the Dualsense is that the area where you rest your pinky has been rounded compared to being more angular/pointy on the original controller. I've seen a few people complain about that on the Dualsense because it would jab into your fingers causing fatigue.

  15. You don’t buy this controller for battery life. Just like you don’t buy a sports car for mpgs

  16. The black finish looks insanely cheap in comparison to the original.

  17. Why is it so much money? Honest question. Is it the materials or the shipping or perhaps the insurance? Why do they need 200$ for a ps5 controller. The normal ones are 60$ and of you want buttons on the back its all of a sudden so much harder to make that it warrents 200$.

  18. Yall are insane for thinking 5 hours is too short of a battery life on your controller wtf

  19. Why on earth did they go for gloss on the bottom section

  20. Looks cool, and the replacement sticks gives peace of mind. But what about the L2/R2 triggers, that rubber membrane is the single thing thats not stood the test of time on all my DS4 controllers, haven't had my PS5 long enough yet to see if its different but wouldn't this mean a tear apart?

  21. Doesn’t work on PC yet. After they said it would. Specifically Call of Duty. Absolute paper weight for me rn 😢

  22. Idk if it’s just me but that controller just looks super cheap and plasticy:/ 💩 I wouldn’t buy that .. in my opinion looks wise the elite series 2 is way nicer looking aesthetically

  23. The $70 Flydigi Apex 2 shits all over this controller.

  24. no charging dock, only 2 paddles? the function keys and interchangeable joystick modules are cool, but the xbox elite series 2 has more to offer for a lower price. on top of that there is less battery life than a default ps5 controller?

  25. Is this an offical controller? And where does one go to purchase it?

  26. Looks like they took a leaf out of xboxs book with the elite 2. So many similar little details

  27. The price is just so Sony! Half the price of a ps5?

  28. bought a scuf controller instead 💀

  29. So for $90 less (in Aus) you can get an Elite controller that comes with all the same stuff and a seperate dock to charge it. 20+ hour battery life. Doesn’t (usually) have stick drift issues and you can still customise all the functions. Sony should be embarrassed by this.

  30. 200 for a controller is bonkers. Even if it is a “pro”

  31. So it’s essentially just a “new” controller overloaded with features and an even shorter battery life due to said features. 😂oooook.

  32. Ps controller is not made for human hands. Period.

  33. Battery life is surprising, my normal dual sense controller lasts 10-12 hours on a charge.

  34. You will be able to purchase one of these as easy as getting a ps5 in 2021

  35. As far as the lower battery life is concerned, you can buy two of these. Use one when the other is depleted

    This feature is available exclusively for rich people ®

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