Prototype Space Marines, NEVER SEEN, Bob Naismith Returns!

The Painting Phase
Bob Naismith returns and brings with him some green stuff Space Marines sculpts, never pressed, never seen by anyone until now!

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  1. Get well soon pat.Thank you again for another great show, gents, and thank you, Bob, such a treasure.Will there ever be a painting phase army made featuring all the guests of the show in future?

  2. You realise you now need to get John Blanche on the show. His artwork is still rated as some of the best out there!!

  3. Stevo, that male-female mating of broken Uruk-Hai pikes is your classic cup-cone fracture mechanics of ductile materials.

  4. Great show all! Would love to hang with Bob and chat minis for an afternoon. Loved his first show too! Cheers

  5. Fantastic episode! Always great to hear from Bob and see his work, also Geoff’s Hand Cam was on point today! 👌🏻😂

  6. This gentleman has forgoten more than we will ever learn. Could hear him for hours❤

  7. As a 3D artist that pretty much lives in Zbrush, I love listening to Bob. I've always thought about getting a 3D printer and these chats with Bob push the 'thought' a little closer to reality. Excellent stuff as always chaps, hope you feel better Pat.

    Edit: Bob's analogy about different software being like a car where the steering wheel is located in different places, is spot on!

  8. Great video as usual!! Perhaps Bob could show us a Blender tutorial where he sculpts a vehicle, building and infantry model? I'm trying to grasp blender but not quite getting it.

  9. Awesome podcast as always with a surprise shout out 🤩! thanks guys. The T'au bust is about 1:4 scale. If you're coming to fest I'll show you.

  10. That was absolutely amazing amazing. Bob is the most down to earth guy in the business. Ty for giving us such an iconic hour an half. Ty Bob for all that you have done for this community.

  11. 48:57 right on, it is so easy to make incredible models, but as a war-gaming piece they are difficult to print as they are super fragile and support heavy which can distort details. Then painting the over detailing gets lost but looks great in a 3d program but the print say 28mm very difficult to see.

  12. Bob is the best guest you've had on. Very knowledgeable.

  13. Bob Naismith seems like a wonderful guy

  14. Its so cool to have a nice, positive, friendly warhammer podcast. No whining, politics, or diversity related doings, just warhammer positivity!

    Bob is such a genuine chap 🙂

  15. I adore Bob and his work! I'm slowly working on printing a massive board for a SWN campaign we're gonna play with our kids, and Bob's minis are perfect for populating a hive city.

    It's rare to find designs that are "generic" yet interesting and unique, and fun to paint but he really nails the design.

  16. If people were struggling to understand what Bob was talking about when referring to the ‘Line of Draw’, here’s a great video by a sculptor for the game Oathsworn explaining Line of Draw or ‘Pull Direction’ as he calls it in this video. The drawings/graphics really help it make sense:

  17. Can we get Brian Nelson on to chat about orcs and orks??? Love these podcasts

  18. Always love hearing Bob talk about the insights of the whole design process of minis. I could sit for hours and listen to him talk about injection moulding!

  19. I love these chats, gentlemen. So wonderful and time flies when listening to the stories, simply wonderful! Thank you so much for the great talk.

  20. Great show! What brand of hoodie is Bob wearing? : )

  21. So good! Another fantastic chat with Bob. Love it.

  22. Fantastic follow up interview! Bob is such an interesting and insightful guy.

  23. Another fascinating interview with Bob. It was great to hear him talk about some of processes and his first forays into digital sculpting. I remember when Zbrush first came out and a friend of mine who's 3D artist went nuts over it. Prior to that he'd been working with 3D Studio Max.

  24. I love Bob!! More Bob! Is there a Peachy, Geoff and Bob historical war game episode in the future??

  25. Nice chat, guys Bob is a boss! But don't put your cameras on auto focus xD

  26. If Bob Naismith released some retro inspired marines id buy!

  27. Brilliant. Bob seems such a lovely guy.

  28. wonderful and insightful interview – love the work.

  29. I was reading some Horus Heresy novels over the past few months and Bob's name reminded me of something that popped up in the stories. It was called a 'Naysmith' (?), forgive my spelling, and I wonder if that was a cheeky reference to Bob as the creator of space marines?

  30. Ahhhh yes, the original Bob Naismith!!! God I hope he gets some great royalties from GW!!!

  31. Another excellent interview; that old marine was delightful to see, but I really love Bob’s explanation of all the engineering and tooling that goes into model creation. My grandfather was an “industrial arts” teacher, and had a lot of similar stories to tell.

  32. I can only hope and pray that I maintain such a level of youthfulness and enthusiasm that Bob has visibly kept through his many years. Absolutely lovely to see him talk about his passions and it makes me happy he still gets to create things

  33. Im only halfway through watching but wanted to say superb interview, so insightful. Thank you so much.

  34. I loved the first time Bob was on & loved this time too. Listening to him speak is like Master Splinter teaching the Ninja Turtles. I could listen to his stories for hours & I don’t have a desire to learn how to make miniatures. He’s such a great fellow.

  35. Thank you so much Bob for bringing our rulebook to The Painting Phase ! Such a good surprise for me !

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