Playing Terrible Space Games on Roblox with Adam and Mil (part 1)

Alphium Gaming


  1. they actually look that bad, cuz they may use free models or not

  2. Hey look! I'm in there!

    Funny part: becomes sse2 earth, goes near nibiru, boom
    "We gotta leave before we become stupid."

  3. Ah 20 more minutes of sleep deprivation for me and the bois in Britain

    7:52 bruh.

    Yeah if I join that game I’m getting banned for some siuff


  4. Too much free models in that first game.

  5. the first game is so good im going to take inspiration from that game and put free models in every corner of my game and add a million more planets!!!!

  6. How would you recommend using the data array website, like what image do I put in? I tried multiple BMP heightmaps but just a black line appears at the top.

  7. Thanks for visiting NFPCU, as the owner myself, i would like to say that the game actually sucks, but it somehow makes me a lot of robux

  8. Pov you play any space game on Roblox except sse2: 💀

  9. Alphium. The game is not bad- I am an admin in Ned's Funi Planet-Countryball Universe-

  10. U dare say planetball roleplays are bad, zigf's new planetball roleplay is good

  11. why is the second game terrible it's genuinely high effort and a decent solar system model

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