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  1. If icing aphmau hater I am taking her by the freaking hair and throwing her out of that window yes I'm right now next to him window and I will take her from the hair and throw her out of the window aphmau you are amazing girl keep going and the fact that you have like three to four kids right now and you still make videos that was you I would quit but like Queen clean Material Girls like we love you and keep doing your content and I hope everything is okay and Julia and Joseph are doing okay don't know the new baby's name and I love you you're the best YouTuber you were my childhood favorite YouTuber and I'm still kind of a child but yeah

  2. When ein was a sheep I said to myself he looks normal 😉

  3. Wait M3ani3 (meanie) is a sort of Aphmau's demons or somthing like that ?

  4. Jean and meanie should go on an date!

  5. The two people that Zane loves are Aph and Kc

  6. 💗💕💞❤️🧡💛💚💙💝🥰

  7. Pls make more of these kinds of videos where you are a hater

  8. I sometimes like your videos. But can you add one more friend so ya. And can you play other games.

  9. Aphmau where did i get this gun from its really helpful 🤣

  10. смешно получилось

  11. I hate Kim and cheat because she likes ugly books and I hate books Caillou ugly-looking came up with

  12. It’s kinda sad how I am ur only hater like how do ppl still like you

  13. Whi's Jean I only seen him once when you made a video like 3 years ago

  14. Can you be my friend I don't think you might like me because I'm a kid

  15. 6:35 Aphmau (in meanie mode): YOU WONT MAKE ME GO TO THIS ISLAND!!!
    Litteraly 5 seconds later…
    Aphmau: I can't beleive you put me on this island!

  16. Hater’s be like: oMg I hAtE aPhMaU!!! im UnSuBbScRiBeInG!! uGh 😩 but fans be like: omg I love aphmau she is perfect every way!!~ I love aphmau she works hard on every video!!~~
    Me be like: nice cool videos :> questionable people be like: what’s your age?? Do you have kids? When did you meet ______??? Anyways ✌🏽

  17. one block with Aphmaus hater and Jean.😅😂

  18. In aphmau biggest hater video she said the true about she is the hater but why her friends didnt know but the last video they know……wth🤔

  19. I like more video of meanie and jane ship🤭

  20. Imagine if Aphmau didn’t appear instead of kitty appeared

  21. Jump in the Cadillac girl let's put some mind on it

  22. Hey aphmau I’ve been a fan for the past few years and on Christmas I got a doughnut cat plushie and I cried for a few minutes because I’m a big fan of your channel also I hope you are doing well and I hope the others are doing great to. Aphmau you are entertaining and you’re my favorite youtuber and i really hope that Joseph and Julia are doing great I’m sorry that this is so long ^^

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