PLAYERS Spend 2 Weeks Underground Server Tour – Space Engineers

Welcome to this seasons server tour this time players are forced underground to evade the robots and toxic gas on the surface will the survive and manage to make a underground society.

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  1. Hi, I played space engineers in the past and created a block containing heavy armor and warheads arranged in a 3d chessboard pattern. It went straight trough a large asteroid. Just an idea if you want to test it.

  2. This is actually pretty cool

    I have a weird addiction for building underground in se

  3. It pains me to say this my man, its that day I unsub. You was my favourite airsoft player but you haven't released any content of this type for a very long time. I hope you still have the passion for airsoft and plan on returning one day

  4. Eres un ídolo Youngstars.Quest siempre en mi corazón,hermosa,amorq,elecciones,culturales.❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  5. Single ship challenge: Players are given a single large grid ship. They can customize this ship as they see fit and build small grid ships. They can't make bases and are constantly hounded by CoughAdminCough forces.

    Call it the Battlestar challenge!

  6. This is a really cool idea. It's fun to see what the players do together.

  7. Awww the intro music from The Expanse , that's nice 🙂 A true fan here!

  8. Wow, what a cool concept, reminds me of Metro. Living in tunnels, surviving in the stations and going on excursions into the dark to gather loot.

  9. “This is our first community concept server where the idea is not pvp focused but working together to build something really cool” 1 min later *guns fired, and explosions lol

  10. 4:26 Conrod "Stop firing Callum" ….laughing hard at that hehe

  11. The bustling co-operative community is the sort of concept that SE seems built for… If not for server issues and SE weirdness. Lol.

    Seeing that underground is wonderfully thematic too.

  12. That looks awesome. With the lights off, it looks like something out of Aliens. Love it.

  13. Ooooo I was thinking about running another Xbox server and was thinking strict one planet rovers. Now I’m inspired for this

  14. I like the lego rock raiders vibe. remember that game?

  15. This world simply must be uploaded to the steam workshop for everyone to explore

  16. I've gotta join these servers I have so many Ideas that would be fun to do and the community seems outstanding

  17. This is making me want to build more of my mining Rovers

  18. so how do they find the ore? do they just get lucky or is there a mod or adjustment made for the server?

  19. someone dig a giant death pit to the surface and let the bots fall in.

  20. I can't wait till I have time to participate in these servers. They have been my dream for so long now

  21. I think east and west tunnels are the wrong way around… east should be west and west should be east

  22. Do a fleet survival where you have a set time to make a ship and cannot go to any planet again you can only survive in space afterwards and see what happens

  23. If I were to join, I would just make a utility vehicle to maintain the bunker, with little deployable “Road work ahead slow down” signs and a ladder

  24. I love this kind of execution, of PvE CO-OP server. Would definitely like to join one sometime.

  25. As one of the original members of DBS, it warms my heart to see the torch being carried on for so long now. Still banding together… Still digging big holes… Diggy Diggy Hole, Brothers & Sisters

  26. All these players and no-one has fixed the N-E-S-W tunnel labels.

  27. one step closer in recreating Zion's Last Stand!

  28. Now do the same but with pvp to see if some sort of civil war backrooms style happens.

  29. Very strong metro 2033 vibes. Just needs some creepy music as the gate opens to a black tunnel.

  30. Maybe we could get a server that is xbox friendly

  31. So question are you allowing people who don't spend money or talk too much in the servers into the server or only the people that pay money and spend a lot of time talking into the servers

  32. Does anyone know what starter map these guys use for all the sand and rock?

  33. I'd like to see DFL come back, now that there are some new weapons and targeting.

  34. Aaron are you creating a cult??

    Remember guys. Frogs in boiling water.

  35. Very interesting idea, I like it. My only problem with all these servers are that they are temporary.. I'd like to play one some of these, but not for a few weeks only..

  36. I wish I had more time on hand to join these. I love PvE Space Engineers but I always find it to be more fun with friends
    Especially since I'm not very good at designing things. I can make them functional, but my builds never look good

  37. Not gonna lie. I would be more inclined to play on this type of server than any pvp server. I love the idea of admins creating enemies for the players to fight against.

  38. so for me id love to make a central elevator style shaft that was large enough for large equipment to be moved up and down and from that shaft you can expand several tunnels that had the possibility to expand on a flat terrain the whole time vs dealing with the curvature of the planet since blocks dont curve along with the world

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