One Will Break The Imperium. One Will Save The Imperium | Genefather Review

Sandman of Terra
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  1. I love this episode. I’m a huge Fabius be fan.I’ve really been getting into your channel recently. Let’s be honest, YouTube is inundated with Warhammer channels, but you’re doing something different in the space. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

  2. I thought Melvin, The Very Elder was awesome. That's pretty much how it is for me all the time. When someone annoys me, my grandfather's geneseed triggers: "you should kick his ass for that! Give the cashier five bucks and put a roll of dimes in your fist" And I'm like "first of all, Pawpaw, I'm 5'4". Secondly, it's 2023. Men don't just fight all the time anymore. I could get sued for everything I have!"

  3. what order do I read all the books with cawl? trying to find info on the black library books content is impossible. Seen they don't publish much on Amazon and almost zero as ebooks.

  4. I can not bring myself to play the game, but boy oh boy, I do love the stories and fan stories and art. Maybe later in time i can bring myself to the game part but…

  5. Does Alpha Primus have the primarch Warp JuJu?

  6. I believe that Alpha Primus is in fact…Alphar… [TRANSMISSION TERMINATED…ORDO HERETICUS DISPATCHED]

  7. The preview image reads as "BILF", not "BILE" because of the little time indicator in the corner, and this amuses me.

  8. Dr R you rock man you have strong compassion for what you do for animals which means helping life your awesome 😊👍

  9. Will GW ever address these popular topics like the dark age of tech, the second and 11th Legion or go in depth about the great crusade ?great video

  10. Loved this book. Lowkey a huge fan of Porter, the way she fights is actually really interesting and that's high praise for something in book medium. She and Alpha Primus need official art already.

    Lastly, love Bile coming out on top. I also really liked how we've developed a scientific love triangle between Cawl, Trazyn, and Bile.

  11. But wouldnt closing the rift, also brutalize the Emporers currently juiced up power?

    Not sure if that is the best possible outcome, right at this point…

  12. Something I think you may have missed is that in "The Great Work" when they looked at alternatives of Alpha Primus he showed up as 20 marines. That includes the 2 missing primarchs.

  13. "GW writes stories they think we fans like."

    Oh, that explains the state of Eldar lore. (Kinda.) x)

    Really eager to see what will happen between Fabius Bile and Belisarius Cawl in the future here! It's gonna be great! And I want Trazyn to get involved too. B)

  14. 15:10 Would love to know more about this "Porter" woman (don't know how it's spelt). Tried to look her up among the New Men in various lore websites but got nothing.

  15. the thumbnail with the video time in the corner make this read "CAWL VS BILF".

  16. I rhink your guest needs a t shirt with a space marine rhino silhouette on it and the caption of "the only rhino it's ok to kill" 😂

  17. If Cawl goes back in time, then i guess he randomly meets Trazyn because why not.

  18. So, how are blanks affected by the Pariah Nexus? Do we know?

  19. The gift was a Chaos Android from Space Crusade….

  20. Writing about high-speed physics and time travel can work, IF you are humble enough to read some Wikipedia articles or talk to a science advisor. For a planet to be moving fast enough that it only experienced 60 years over the past 60 million years, it would need to be traveling 99.99999999995% the speed of light. That has some consequences. 1) Any mission deployed to his planet will also be slowed by 1/1,000,000, so a 1-day mission would take 2740 years. 2) Trying to land on a planet moving this speed will require accelerating your entry vehicle to a matching speed (which is harder than it sounds). 3) this plant will be within the radiation zone of the black hole, assuming material is being pulled into the black hole (which is a lot more dangerous than it sounds). 4) The gravitational affects of the black hole would shred the planet because of the difference in pull from the nearside to the far side of the planet. There are more consequences, all of which require careful understanding and application of real-world science to navigate.

  21. What if Fabius begrudgingly provides Abaddon with a primaris like space marine but he builds in a defect as to sabotage chaos? Remember the defect in the original Emperors Children gene seed that was ultimately killing the legion? I believe Fabius still carries that defect right? Thats why he keep cloning himself? So what if he implants that into his "gift" to Abaddon? Might be something he can show Cawl or even Bobby G to help his case to rejoining the imperium. Just theorizing though please correct me if im wrong

  22. You say "like" way too much Rino, makes you sound dumb.

  23. Love the conflict where Bile wants to create new better HUMANS, but is forced to make better space marines for a guy who hates humans and wants to extinct them..

  24. Mr Sandman, did you follow the discussions on the now defunkt forum "the first expedition" run by the former lead editor of the HH series, Laurie Goulding?
    Many of the retcons to the siege of terra/horus vs emps were pretty much spoiled back then by Laurie.
    Mabye you you could use the wayback machine, or some similar site to go back and use the "spoilers" to tack about what has happened – and what might happen – based on them?

    – and thx for yet another great episode. 🙂

  25. I've been working on my own chapter's lore and I've not read this novel but this sort of justifies the ideas I had.
    Brief synopsis:
    -a ship full of Iron Warriors try a risky warp jump while fighting the Hrud, a combination of the Hrud's powers of entropy and a blind jump send them forward in time and far out on the rim of the galaxy, essentially cutting them off from the imperium before the heresy starts
    -they end up in a system with lost human civilizations who have regressed and no longer understand their technology, seeming like cultures of the middle ages living in a crumbling techno necropolis – these cultures will be shaped by the marines and used for recruitment.
    -a lost lab of Cawl's contains IV legion geneseed and the warsmiths use the lab to produce primaris marines (with or without long-range contact with Cawl… maybe Cawl's interested in their success)
    -they either hunt fabius, find one of his labs (already used the found a lab line so I did want there to be a run-in) or perhaps even Cawl leads the marines to find a clone of their primarch, and he (Per2rabo, if you will) leads them from the shadows. The Perturabo clone wrestles with his own issues, wondering if he will turn against humanity too, learning scattered info of the heresy and the fate of his father and brothers – all the while striving to improve his chapter, protect the humans, and master technologies and crafts old and new.

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