No Man’s Sky**Echoes**How get free starship and survive a firestorm, and much more**

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This is a walkthrough for No Man’s Sky September 2023 ECHOES update. I’m playing on an Xbox S from near earth orbit.

View the full walkthrough playlist here:

This is one of many videos in this walkthrough tutorial, with-in the content of this video you will learn:
How to repair scanner on multi-tool with 75 ferrite dust
How to locate Sodium (Na) to recharge hazard protection.
How to change to third person.
How to locate di-hydrogen.
How to locate a hermetic seal.
How to build portable refiner.
How to locate and repair starship.
How to melee and jetpack.
How to harvest oxygen.
How to search distress beacon.
How to locate your crashed ship.
How to repair Pulse Engine.
How to craft metal pleating from ferrite dust.
How to harvest oxygen from hazardous plants.
How to locate planetary chart from distress beacon.
How to plot the route with Planetary chart.
How to locate hermetic seal.
How to melee and jetpack jump.
How to craft carbon nanotube.
How to install multi-tool scanner visor.
How to take shelter from hazardous storm.
How to repair broken machinery.
How to access holographic archive.
How to recover supplies from holographic archive.
How to collect encrypted navigational data.
How to collect nanites.
How to mine resources when mining beam is depleted.
How to analyze objects for rewards.
How to recharge life support.
How to harvest oxygen.
How to locate your ship using analysis visor.
How to finalize repair of the pulse engine with a hermetic seal.
How to craft a portable refiner with oxygen and metal plating.
How to refine ferrite dust into pure ferrite.
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“No Man’s Sky” is a popular open-world video game developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games. It was first released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in August 2016, followed by releases for Xbox One and other platforms in subsequent years. The game is known for its vast, procedurally generated universe and its emphasis on exploration, survival, and crafting.

Key features and aspects of “No Man’s Sky” include:

Procedurally Generated Universe: The game’s universe is virtually infinite and procedurally generated, meaning that every planet, creature, and star system is created algorithmically. This results in a universe with an enormous amount of variety and diversity.

Exploration: Players take on the role of a customizable character known as the “Traveler.” They can explore a wide variety of planets, moons, and star systems, each with its own unique flora, fauna, and geography. Players can gather resources and scan creatures and plants to document their findings.

Survival and Crafting: Survival elements are an integral part of the game. Players must manage their character’s health, stamina, and environmental protection. They can gather resources to craft tools, weapons, and equipment to aid in their journey.

Spaceships: Players can acquire and upgrade spaceships to explore the universe and engage in space battles. Each ship has different capabilities, and some are better suited for combat, trading, or exploration.

Base Building: In addition to exploring, players can establish their own bases on planets. These bases can be used for storage, farming, and research. Players can also invite other players to visit their bases.

Multiplayer: Initially, “No Man’s Sky” launched as a primarily single-player experience, but over time, Hello Games introduced multiplayer features, allowing players to meet and interact with others in the same universe.

Story and Quests: The game features a storyline involving the mysterious Atlas and various factions within the universe. Players can choose to follow the main questline or pursue their own adventures.


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