NGS Headline (10/25/22)

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – Global
*This will be a pre-recorded broadcast.
This program delivers the latest news surrounding Sega’s latest popular online RPG PSO2 NEW GENESIS (NGS)!

3:25 「NGS Hot Infomation」
24:28 「December PV②」
30:57 「Creative Space PV」
34:05 「NGS Operation Report」
38:20 「NGS Satellite Infomation」

Hiro Arai, the official navigator for NGS, will be updating players around the world about current operations, future updates, interesting campaigns, and other related topics.

Tune in for information and videos about the November 2022 update. We’ll be sharing information about the PSO2 10th Anniversary Project, as well as more details on the major update with the Stia Region coming in December! Plus, get the answers to your questions and comments in the Operation Report segment!

This broadcast will be streamed on YouTube Live at 5:00 AM on 10/25/2022 (Tue) (PDT).

Official Navigator: Hiro Arai (SEGA)

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Play Now on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Store, Steam, Epic Games

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  1. Now I can finally build my own fantasy house in personal quarters. I can't till spring to be released.

  2. I'm only quickly looking through the video while busy but is that celestial saint ac all type 2 stuff?

  3. The 10M EXP quest for Kvaris is one of the most bewildering and counterproductive features you've ever released, and I fail to see the point of it at all. That you're reimplementing it for Stia is all the more confusing, the story mode gets you within the level requirements rather naturally, and if not, you've made Yellow Triggers a thing anyways. I gave the EXP to a dummy class on purpose just so I wouldn't be OP (and still I was overleveled compared to the content that got released back then).

    It's like you don't know that the very game you're making is a grinding game. I'll be more than happy to sidestep the absurd EXP gain side-missions you're going to implement, and I'm gonna pray my friend isn't gonna trip into gaining 10 levels for his main class by accident and yell in frustration a second time (or in this case I guess getting to max level instantly).

    It seems every time there's a Q&A someone complains about not gaining levels quick enough, and yet every time we reach another level cap, everyone around me complains how the content is eaten through so fast, heck, going from lvl 60 to 65 was just roughly 2h of combat zones; even with a job I can get there through one session after work, I'd argue this shouldn't be so quick.

  4. I'm glad that PQ's are coming back in a way, it looks really nice and gives a lot more freedom than base pso2's PQ's and AQ's. I really wish you could use base pso2 furniture though. I don't really understand why we aren't going to be able to, especially since there's so much to choose from in base and I feel like even though it wouldn't really match the ascetic of the NGS furniture it would definitely be a nice thing for those who want to use it. I also don't really understand why the dev team won't lower or completely remove the current minimum cost for select high value items in the playershop, it really makes no sense. A player market is supposed to be built and judged by the players, if the developers put in a minimum requirement for sales then that throws a wrench in the whole thing. You can't have a playershop while also regulating prices externally. They should allow us to choose the starting prices of what we sell and it shouldn't be up to the developers to take away such a freedom in my opinion. I also don't think the exchange that you can possibly undergo for these high value items is fair. 30 total minutes of just a 25% ex rdr booster isn't a fair trade and since these high value items can cost real money I don't think it is fair to have such a menial item at the end of the exchange. I feel like it would sorta help if it was a higher percentage or longer duration but it really isn't anywhere near as good as maybe a scratch ticket or some type of material/currency. I don't really know what else they could exchange this for other that those or different types of boosters but I just don't think it is a fair trade any way you look at it. I think the changes they will eventually bring to gunner are great though, a passive that increases you chain count past 100 and gives you a new finisher after going past 100 is great and I think the increase to chain boost's duration would be a nice change. I also like the few new skills that they have showcased so far, they don't seem out of place and they seem to also be pretty useful, I am excited to see what other skills they may showcase in the future.

    Connor [Ship 4 – Ansur]

  5. So nice to see that it hasn't been copyright claimed before I got a chance to watch it like the last one was.

  6. It’s too bad I can never sell anything I collect. Not without spending money to get AC to unlock that feature.


  7. What are they going to do after Stia tho? Anything left on the map? I can not remember off the top of my head. I hope we go to another planet or something. I need something more sci-fi! Base had that!

  8. shoot they gonna take all my money when the creative space for personal and alliance comes out

  9. Other than Personal Quarters which isn't even out until next spring, this is disappointing. I'd be excited for the Stia Region if I knew it was going to be anything more than just Aelio 4.0. Changes to the skill trees and content loop should be high priorities.

  10. Best question when the hell am I finally going to be able to level up my skills? So tired of level 1 lightning and fire.

  11. So if you can't sell something for 500k due to the stupidly high minimum price you can exchange for two trivial rare drop consumables. SEGA's way of telling players to stfu.

  12. OMG Glen is played by Kenjiro Tsuda so im assuming just like with the kvaris characters we get to get there voice tickets in an sg scratch. YES!!!!

  13. I don't care much for personal quarters, just please don't create a repeat of the absolutely horrible storage destroying furniture system from Base PSO2. I absolutely do not want furniture in scratch tickets or furniture to drop in the field because it's unnecessary clutter.

  14. The music in these showcases give me brain cancer.

  15. I really hope we get augment transfer sometime soon

  16. yeah figures they won't let us use the furniture from PSO2 in NGS. Can't say I'm surprised but I'm not happy about it

  17. Just watching this now and wow the live youtube chat reply was full of rude people in the moment
    This all looks fantastic, thank you for your hard work

  18. As I said in a reply comment, I hope they have a base amount of space and land impact for free players, and if you have premium, it can increase those. Like a free player can make a basic home and feel like they have something cozy, while premium players can have more mansion sized spaces. That way everyone feels they can create something, but also entice you to be MORE creative.

  19. Wow can’t wait to throw money at the game to look exactly like everybody else but other than that great headline can’t wait for the new region

  20. The game needs
    – a Casino but not like PSO2, more like FFXIV with multiplayer events
    – flying mounts and field races for them
    – 16v16 PvP
    – a spaceship hub like the base game, planetary based missions
    – much more skill variety, especially AoE attacks like meteors and blizzards

    There's more but this is important to become popular & make money.

  21. Is November 2nd an entire ass type 2 scratch? Did they just say fuck it? 🫠

  22. Faster normals for launcher? You gotta be kidding. That's completely worthless. Anyone spamming normals on launcher needs to play a different class. I might use 1 or 2 charged normals every few minutes to close a PP gap between stickies but that's it. What a major disappointment. Whoever is in charge of skill decisions needs to be fired. Or at least play TF game.

  23. Definitely impressed with the housing being fully buildable even down to the terrain and KANUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  24. I sincerely hope personal quarters in ngs is free and not another SG drain mechanism

  25. At 6:08, that's a very INTERESTING weapon camo. It's got some really nice 'Efu-Tachi' fittings, that pay homage to the old sabers from China's Tang Dynasty.

  26. Can you please make stuff like wings, tails and claws body customizations in addition to accessories, like ears and horns and give tails one or two more points of articulation so they can be bent downward at a point other than the base so they don't clip through certain back accessories and certain layered wears/outfits/parts? I know some tails like the wildcat tail are limp but several of them are stiff and having the option to properly customize them is favorable to either.

  27. Oh wow, they're finally ramping up the story into something actually interesting

  28. 39:45 Honestly registered players isn't as important as concurrent players. How many of them even made much progress?

  29. 42:18 "Accessories based on popular characters from the Sonic franchise"

    Where's Shadow, Blaze, Big, Gamma, Rouge, Ray, Mighty and Fang/Knack?

  30. 3:51 November 2 Event Autumn '22 // limited time quest practice Drill: crisp autumn Aelio defense // Autumn '22 Special scratch // AC scratch Celestial Saint
    -6:64 November 9 Refined Form 8
    8:37 October 26 2 Revival AC scratch
    16:31 November 16 event Autumn '22 2nd half // Drill: autumn night Aelio defende // AC scratch Overlord Style
    18:59 November 22 AC scratch Snug Style and more
    24:26 New Region Stia, new class skills, 8 stars weapons
    31:02 Personal Quarters
    42:44 Lenovo collab emote giveaway (keyword Lenovo_Legion from 10/25 to 12/27)

  31. Holy crap autum event is packed with a lot of weapon camos dood,also glad you can get tickets in this event too

  32. Please just- more photon arts as soon as ya guys can, it's painful only getting 1 every half a year. Hopefully some roll out with stia ;-;

  33. housing system looks AMAZING. people gonna put a ton of hours into that haha.

  34. This game and sonic frontiers is all i need for the rest of the year.

    So glad to be a sega fan, greatest game company ever!

  35. Yo the way they move their faces of the new characters seems like a completely different game. Already liking it

  36. oh i remember the new axe and rifle from psp2i endoif and black rebellion

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