NFTs in Space Games – It’s Coming

NFTs – love them or hate them, they are big news. My previous video on Star Atlas – a blockchain based space game – was certainly a bit of a controversial subject. But I wanted to revisit it, and expand upon some of the topics that the video touched upon. There’s also a number of things going on with NFTs in gaming, that not everyone will be aware of – so I wanted to discuss that too. I also want to touch on the very sensitive subject on whether or not NFTs will enter current space games. Some are already starting to do this…EVE Online is one such example.

Blockchain video games are getting a bit push. Recently, Square Enix boss, Yosuke Matsuda, stated that the growth in both the NFT market as well as the metaverse, are going to inform Square’s own business practices. He doesn’t want the company to be left behind, and feels that one day, trading NFTs is going to be as common as trading physical goods.

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  1. Question is will the grey market force CIG to push NFT for ships?

  2. X2 The threat official readme. "Say good bye to social life and sleep." I can imagine that spending time to engineer a ship in Elite then sell it for real life money. Sandbox games were always beyond games only. Rather a secondary job.

  3. NFTs are certainly a revolution in the domain of collectors (who are the intended audience of these too), but outside of it it'll just become a source of unfathomably bad deals of money for fun. All hinging on certain mindsets gloating about their exclusive assets.

    Basically, we're seeing a new generation of "luxury in-app purchases". Useless or inaccessible to most players. And if publishers overdo it, most players are just going to leave for competitors that deliver more bang for the buck in terms of fun. Then there won't be quite as many people to appreciate or get annoyed by the aforementioned exclusivities, further diminishing their value to the buyer.

  4. Nice words won't convince any gamers that NFT are good for them. In fact, the only people who benefit from this are the game companies. Anyone caught holding on to an NFT when the bubble burst or interest in it wane is the big time loser.

  5. The big one that stood out for me was the first one on that list of reasons why Star Citizen shouldn't have NFTs. You basically turn video games into pyramid schemes because anyone in the game who owns NFTs will constantly be trying to get more people in to increase the value of their own time investment, and at the end of the day the largest profits will go right into the pockets of the publisher. Big names in the gaming industry are jumping on this concept WAY too happily for this to not be the case.

  6. I still dont really understand what its all about even after listening to many talk about it. Seems to be a bit like the useless cards or achievements you receive in your inventory on steam, so they are trying to monetize that type digital good for real money or to trade on some worldwide digital trading system? I never understood the obsession with collectibles or achievements of any kind in past so absolutely baffles me anyone would pay money for of it. I play games purely for immersion of being put into game world. Running around trying to find a rare purple bow or earn a trading card of a charater has zero interest & only takes me out of game. Who the heck are all these crack addicts chasing after this stuff to get get us to this point. Geez we are a weak species

  7. This is going to kill online gaming deader than dead. Imagine the amount of cheating that this is going to encourage which in turn will switch off honest players who will quit gaming. Pay for a ship in a game which has poor or non existent game play, no thanks.

  8. I really hope NFTs are just a temporary fad, especially in games. Another way for some greedy folks to make money out of nothing…

  9. Games are meant to be fun…when I listen to Square Enix it was eye opening. He really thinks, that player dont only want to escape the realworld, but want to participate in creating? Sorry, but this quickly would become a job…and a need/a must to do to have fun in the game. Thats bullshit. People dont want to contribute to make money but contribute to socialize and play. Coupled with grinds and real work and money, this quickly becomes someone scamming another one.

  10. Most gamers I know are slowly reaching the end of their gaming life….not because they get oldsr but because we are in literal search for a good game. In the last decade only a few games came out being worth playing. It got increasingly harder to play games….wether it is young or older gamers.
    That is why people had invested in the dream that is StarCitizen, e.g.
    As soon as NFTs dont create money the game will be abandoned. Not a real testament for a long living online game for example.
    I will probably enter my next period of life going out into nature and being healthy again, I guess 😂
    There is so much to do and it is of higher quality, more memorable and cost less.

  11. The list of things that have been tried with the Internet is also a long list. The Internet (and the web) itself survived all that. I'm not sure that blockchain or even distributed information is the same thing. Time will tell but this isn't the black swan event that everyone thinks it is (to me). Loot boxes were tried and there are plenty of slimy game loops already running right now. You mentioned black desert. People aren't given enough credit. People figure out the patterns and a genre dies (maybe zombies gets overdone). This is also solving a problem I (or you) don't have. Assistants and mobile payment apps make sending money easier. I can spend money all the time now but I don't want to have more spending money options. I don't need spending money to be infinitely convenient and always tempting. We live in a time where you can constantly impulse buy, not just at a store at one point in time. So, there's that. I'm not sure entirely what my point here is other than I'm really tired of crypto as a currency. Smart contracts are interesting and probably have automation and enabler legs much like the Internet. The currency side is just an also-ran but time will tell.

  12. What good a unique token will be if hackers break the game?

  13. Nop, I’m out of any game that uses nfts to monetize content

  14. Not sure what NFTs are but if anything like crypto currency I'll have nothing to do with it or the game.

  15. Pearl Abyss might own CCP, but CCP have always been against buying in-game items for real world cash, because it gives players who can afford said items an unfair advantage against those who can't. CCP need to tread extremely carefully when it comes to NFT's. If ships start being sold for real money (which CCP have been against from day 1), then there'll be hell to pay.

  16. NFTs have been around for ages, there's a "game" Entropia Universe where someone bought a whole moon and sold land claims on it to make a profit. The major difference is this is just more mainstream.

  17. The squeenix ceo talking about "user generated content" is such utter bullshit. There is game changing "user generated content", there's so much modding in every game that either supports that or doesn't actively block it. From skins to story and more. People RP in every game that lets them, especially if it has an interesting world.

    Shit the entire game Foxhole is just "go fight war" and it goes however it goes, entirely on user generated bases and pushes. All the devs do is set up the game and make sure the servers continue (idk maybe they mess with the weather, but that might be just a system entirely in place). That game is awesome, needs work sure it's early access, but it's great.

    The only way people think that people don't make "game changing user generated content" is if they've never actually played games and spent time in space with people who play games.

    This is a cash grab, and a cash grab that is actively harmful for the environment. I want to play space games throughout my life, i'd rather not be underwater or dead from heat and thus unable to play them. Looks like that's what gonna happen though the way that companies are jumping hard on this bubble.

  18. Remeber 10+ years ago when everyone was laughing at the nerds talking about their bitcoins… Bitcoin was 10 cents back then. Now we're trying to say it's not going to last because it just dropped below $50,000… An iPhone and a gaming console costs around $1000 these days and have no return value, games, $60-$100? An NFT on Star Atlas will pay itself off in about 9 months, at the current value of ATLAS, with the first mini-game they released… Entry level "ships" cost $20 to $300ish.

    I also remember when everyone said Star Citizen was a scam because they were crowdfunding… Oh yeah, that's another thing they said wouldn't last, crowdfunding 🤔

  19. Dear God the gaming industry is in a dark place.

  20. Rewarded user generated content = Fix our game for us for fraction of the cost. Just like the modders have done for many games before. Why make your own content with expensive artists and risk the content not selling well when some player will be happy to make the asset for free and get a small cut of the profit it makes. Bleh.

    NFT threads on Spectrum get carpet bombed by the community every time anyone dares to bring it up. They're that hated. The good thing about it is that if ships were to be turned into NFTs they would be easy to sell and get off the project.

    When you plan to turn an entertainment product into work something is wrong.

  21. Let’s be absolutely clear though, there is only one thing driving NFT’s in the gaming industry and that’s developers. They are first and foremost businesses, and we, as customers/players, should always be mindful of this. All businesses have one simple objective – financial sustainability. Profit. This comes before anything else, before it’s own products, employees and certainly in the gaming industry, a long way before customers. We see this every day from Frontier for example and how it treats ED and the customer.
    NFT’s provide developers with an opportunity to operate and control their own currency. The key word there is control. Once you create your own currency you control its value. So the only possible beneficiary from NFT’s in games will be developers. It’s yet another example of how monetising entertainment will lead to killing it.
    Customers/players should have a choice in an ideal world as to whether they engage with their entertainment in such a way, but this is not an ideal world and so it will inevitably be enforced onto them.
    Simply put, video games don’t exist without developers but once developers run abandon their customers completely in search of creating long term financial sustainability in the form of unique online currencies that they can manipulate and control, the casual gaming for fun experience will cease.

  22. NFTs in games open up the scope for creating games that are pyramid schemes. Be very careful out there. Organised crime syndicates will definitely sit up and take notice of the lucrative market out there, especially since many children will not be aware of the dangers.

  23. This is the beginning of the end for the golden age of video games. Some will argue it started some time ago, but i feel like NFTs and cryptocurrencies are a real cancer that will spread fast. I hate how publishers try to sell this as something revolutionnary.. just be honest, stop taking your customers for idiots, and tell them it's a way to make a ton of money. Add on top of that the GPU crisis that's slowly killing PC gaming… dark times ahead for video games sadly.

  24. NFT'S are the fastest way to make me decide to not buy your game.

  25. It is a very concerning trend indeed. I play games to relax. I stopped playing EVE years ago, because I just could not afford it anymore… and then just never bothered picking it up again when they ostensibly went "free to play". Games Companies need to make money. they are businesses after all and I believe they should be rewarded for making good games. Personally, I Probably have spent more money in Mechwarrior online (a free to play game) than I have for most normal games, because I enjoyed it while I was playing it.
    The problem comes in though when the focus shifts to the monetisation method . Greed sets in and the game becomes a secondary. This becomes a big problem. one example I can think of, is that one game (I don't even remember its name) where the whole idea of the game is that you can essentially make real world money by playing the game. But if you look at the game, it looks horrible (terrible graphics), the game play loops are purely grind and not fun, and apparently you only really make money if you "invest" in the game and buy property or something. That to me is exploitative and dangerous. But apparently there are people playing this game…
    I think what I am trying to day is: yes game studios should be rewarded for making good games that we want to play, but when the monetisation becomes the main focus we are getting on a dangerous slope that is not necessarily good for the players or the industry.

  26. NFT's, like presented, can be implemented as addon in game. That or similar implementations could hardly spoil the game content. On the other hand it can attract cash grabbers, lets say an easy prey, which makes game more vivid/populated and can somehow add to experience. There are pros and cons like everywhere but I don't mind some pew-pew meat to roast along my way.

  27. If nobody buys them they'll go away, look at the disaster in the Ubisoft game where no one is touching those, not to mention the video ad for it was so poorly rated they had to take it down.

  28. Just like many others, I doubt I will ever be very interested in these things? However, video's like these are of use. Because I will now have some idea about what these things basically are? If I hear them mentioned elsewhere? So thanks. I would rather find out about them from you. Than find out about them. From some other source with some sort of agenda. Cheers

  29. I dont care as long as they implement it correctly. I always loved collectibles, with NFTs i can send them around and even sell, after i lost interest in a game.

  30. Is it called Star Citizen rather than Citizen of the Stars, because there is only one star system despite, how many years?

  31. This concept is already dead before it's even a thing.

  32. I hope they teach about this in schools. The good sides (why not, free market) and the bad sides (to protect kids and young adults, still inexperienced in financial world).
    After that, if someone wants to spend $100 or half a mil on an animated GIF, you're welcome.

  33. Great vid, nicely explained. Didn't Team Fortress 2 have NFT's? As I remember players making hats at one point. It's kinda like Skyrim creation kit where you could upload your custom creations and some people did charge for them. But Bethesda did say it owns all content made using their programs.
    If someone has put a lot of time and effort into making something then it would be nice to see them rewarded as a LOT of people have created programs for FREE that help recolour items in game or programs that generate land at the click of a button instead of the player having to landscape themselves.
    It's another of those grey areas, could be beneficial for some games and ruin others.

    I really just like to make a one off payment for a game and be done with it. IF an expansion pack is released then I will consider it, but even then I'm wary.

  34. An NFT must be unique. A paint job that everyone can buy would not be an NFT. The tournament prize is a sort of digital 'super bowl ring'. It is unique, prized to the winners, and the file can be sold as a collectors 'file'. A totally unique, one of a kind, paint job in ED would be an NFT, particularly is that paint job could be traded. In general, i am against NFTs. How people entertain themselves with computer programs is up to them, I just hope gaming doesn't all go that way. Especially pay to win, developing useless junk ECT

  35. It seems that people are easily screwed over amd fans boys will always come out and defend offending companies. Just give us our games and stop trying to f**k us over. That's all we ask.

    As for NFTs, E.g. yeah, buy a digital picture of a t-shirt or xyz rather than the real thing and claim you own it🙄. NFT Sellers are laughing all the way to the bank…they'll be selling bridges next 😉.

    One place I think NFTs will take off is Facebooks Meta-verse or some such similar where people buy their virtual digital spaces/objects.

  36. That post by Square Enix is utter doublespeak. Make out players are charitable and want to contribute. What a load of nonsense.

  37. Wow so many nay sayers….this could actually turn out to be really cool! Ownership of game items! Not server side only,but what u find or craft belongs to you like any piece of digital art! This alone is amazing, it can add a whole new level of immersion. People are so fkn intransigent jesus..,

  38. NFTs in games: "You OWN your items, oooh"

    Also. Good luck using that dead asset after a server shuts down.
    Or looking for support if you lose that item for whatever reason.

  39. Star Citizen was built as a money making scheme. It is such a waste of time.

  40. When non gamers get involved in games the gamers are worse for it. Economic activity in games will lead to Government over-regulation.

  41. When the meta verse is a standard we will be able to move in game items between games to the meta verse and vice versa. Bit like ready player one.

  42. As I understand it, blockchain does not make any sense inside a game world. You can ensure singletons of whatever with traditional programming techniques.
    Blockchain could make sense potentially only as a kind of interface to the outside world, where you create a digital item within the game world and then have it outside, even if the game servers are switched off. But then it wouldn't be about contributing to the game world in any way.
    So why bother?

  43. Here's a NEW WAY to EXPERIENCE the Pokemon WORLD on MOBILE Phones NOW!!!

  44. Every title that introduces NFT's into their games get a hard pass from me, inevitable or not what I can control is my response to it. Publishers that went the way of the loot box have been wholly ignored by me ever since as well.

    I've never had more disposable income in my life as I do now and most of it doesn't go to gaming any more because I found better things to do with my time than to be used like that.

  45. NFTs and UNREAL Engine 5 are coming to Star Citizen

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