NEW Rare Pumpkin Parachute, FREE Mummy Outfit, Halloween Clothing/Mask, UFO 2022 (GTA Online Update)

GTA 5: FREE Rare Pumpkin Parachute, Mummy Outfit, Halloween Clothing/Masks, UFO 2022 Locations, FREE Rare Pumpkin Outfit, Jack O Lantern (Pumpkin Tee, Pumpkin Mask) Halloween Face paints, Sasquach big foot outfit.

All 200 Jack o Lanterns locations –

All UFO Locations –


GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay –

GTA Online Money Guide:

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  1. Hats and boxers.. really. When will rockstar give us actual rewards other than useless clothings.

  2. How u get close enough for the ufo to take u I tried still just disappears

  3. How do you get the jacket he is wearing in the video??

  4. If I have missed 2 ufos am I still able to complete the challenge?

  5. Why does your pumpkin mask look different

  6. You didn't put how to get the jacket link in the discription

  7. Why the PS5 60FPS on this game looks smoother than my PC with 120FPS G-SYNC AND V-SYNC both enabled. I just don't get it.

  8. I did the 200 jack o' lantern challenge, 9 hours wasted. I am sure I collected all of them and nothing. I open a ticket because there's no way I can verify how many I collected, such a stupid duck hunt, you are not even sure if you miss one. BTW Months ago a modder had the Sasquatch outfit on.

  9. i spent about 6h on getting all 200 pumpkins its worth if u want rare clothing otherwise no

  10. I collected all 200 and didn't get the t shirt

  11. Does this ufo thing not happen on last gen? I did it fo my 3 accs on next gen fo location 4 and on my 4th acc which is on last gen, the thunder strikes but I can't see the ufo

  12. Can you do dka gta+ biker pumpkin hoodie biker jacket glitch work on female character? I got it on my two male accs but my female character isn't working eit dka glitch

  13. Is anyone else having an issue where they don’t spawn at all? I’m staying pretty far from where the ufo spawns

  14. Modded accounts are great fun you see this stuff before it’s in game even best data miners 💀 I’ve had the pumpkin parachute for months


  16. I have A PS4 I don’t have PLAYSTATION PLUS how do I get the Mummy outfit

  17. Is the update for all xbox one ps4 ps5 xbox series S/X

  18. I collected all of the pumpkins but I didn't get the shirt :/


  20. Pumpkin parachute has been about for ages. Used to be able to get it with the PED glitch.

  21. The fact that you said that the person who decided the reward for $200 pumpkins was so legal should be fired just shows me that I'll never watch one of your videos again. Take money out of his pocket take food off the table for his family f*** you you little scrub. Cancel culture little homo

  22. Don't watch this guy's videos he's not only late but he sucks and he's also a douchebag

  23. That pumpkin T shirt is so BS.. I did all 200 pumpkins. Took roughly around 3 hours an still didn't unlocked.. does anyone know why? Btw no they don't need to fire that person actually they need to smack whoever it is in charge on these rewards.. I literally just wasted 3hrs collecting all 200. I'm positive I didn't miss any.. I'll go through them an recheck as well as try again tomorrow…

    Edited: missed #43. How come I was given two pumpkin shirts? 1 regular an 1 tucked in..

  24. I only have the ufo spawning on Mt Chiliad. We on day 4 and I can't get the next one to spawn?

  25. For the face paint an mask's. For those who already purchased them in the previous Halloween events.. they will be available October 1st as they were for me… Not sure if anyone knows that.. same with the Halloween vehicle.. Available October 1st..

  26. Did the 200 thinking it would take 2 hours of no nonsense, but actually took more like 5 hours

  27. I've taken a picture of each UFO every day so far and I've not got a text message from omega like you do in this video. I just get cash and that's it. Wtf

    Also I've seen that the t shirt unlocks after collecting 200 pumpkins total through the span of the event. Not in a single day. If that's true it would make more sense because I can't see why anyone would spend a whole day running around collecting pumpkins for an ugly shirt.

  28. How do you get the pumpkin pants I seen a guy wearing them

  29. That’s funny cause on day three I found the UFO over the nudist colony not chill out

  30. I collected all but two pumpkins because two were glitched so that I couldn’t see them. I’ve tried going on different accounts, I’ve cleared cache, closed the app and nothing. Still no T-shirt. It’s not worth it at all.

  31. Like dont get me wrong the vid was helpful but he asks for you to sub like 70 times 😂

  32. It is a great idea to have the radio on in your vehicle, when approaching the UFO. It will indicate how close you can get to it without it “taking off”. The radio station will become staticky and jumble around to the next station. When you begin to hear it, just backup a bit and you will be good 😉 Also, if it does disappear you can leave area and come back – it can respawn (it happened to me the other day).

  33. I have gotten two pics. You only get 15k for pics you send to omega

  34. Are they bringing back the slasher killers and when do they start?

  35. Okay I fast forward to skim through this very long video I cannot find the parachute that you're saying we can get and this is the first I've heard of it

  36. i usually go really far from the ufos before they spawn

  37. That parachute is not rare at all I’ve had it for about a year always way before October

  38. Hey bud, parachute and stuff? Is that ps5 and series S and X only on ps4 as well?

  39. I have a question I have sold cargo 4 times and I never recieved the vampire mask what should I do?

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