New PS4 & PS5 Games This Week

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New PS4 and PS5 games releasing this week include Destiny 2: Lightfall, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Scars Above. Check out for the full list of releases and for a selection of amazing deals!

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  1. BATDR comes out for console on the 1st of March

  2. Boy that really does look like off brand Returnal

  3. Honourable mention. Fernbus Coach Simulator is out today. I know it originally came out on PC, but it's really good we have a proper bus simulator. It comes with all previously released DLC from Germany, Netherlands, France ect… Please it's out only for PS5 consoles not PS4.

  4. Less than an hour till our end begins servers willing

  5. Pretty good week! Wo long looks good and Scars above too.

  6. The graphics are soo 3050 type of vibes! PLAYSTATION is stepping the hell up lets gooooooooo.

  7. Only re4 remake will be enough. The rest doesn't matter.

  8. Whenever I see Bloodborne mentioned in new videos 🤤. We seriously need a Ps5 upgrade for it already! 😭

  9. Wo Long has already been ordered; I loved the demo! ⚔️

  10. I recommend everyone who loves strategy games, huge battles and kingdom management games, to look into and play a game called Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. It is an absolutely addicting game in the right persons eyes.

  11. SCARS has a bit of 'The Dig' vibe going on with it.

  12. Man these games look good!
    It's great to see after finding out about Suicide squad!

  13. Out this week aswell is LEAP an upcoming open-world (esque) fast-paced multiplayer first person shooter game that lets you play with up to 60 players. Literally discovered it within the past hour or 2. Seems interesting. Hopefully price is reasonable.

  14. I’m fed up with the rest of YouTube, so tell me what’s going on Rob my son.

  15. Also out this week (on the 1st March) is Brok the InvestiGator, a point & click / beat'em'up hybrid game which has an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam and is a blending of the genres mixed with the Saturday morning cartoon aesthetics you didn't know you needed in your life. Don't let the graphics fool you, it's a game that is aimed squarely at the feels and is much darker than it looks on the surface. Very worth playing.

  16. Is the protagonist of Scars Above wearing a diaper?

  17. "New" games, but to be honest, all of these look very much like we've seen them before. Does anyone else feel the same way?

  18. No video just commentary, maybe it’s my phone

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