NEW Halloween Killers, SLASHERS Return, Halloween 2022, UFO Event Changes (GTA Online Update)

GTA 5: NEW Halloween Killers, SLASHERS Return, Halloween 2022, UFO Event Changes (GTA Online Update) this halloween update will include FREE Rare Pumpkin Parachute, Mummy Outfit, Halloween Clothing/Masks, UFO 2022 Locations, FREE Rare Pumpkin Outfit, Jack O Lantern (Pumpkin Tee, Pumpkin Mask) Halloween Face paints, Sasquach big foot outfit.
The halloween slashers are based of famous scary horror halloween movies, friday the 13th, freddy kruegar, a nightmare on elm street, it the clown, pennywise.

All 200 Jack o Lanterns locations –

All UFO Locations –


GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay –

GTA Online Money Guide:

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  1. The cerebus event is reference of a movie called duel when I guy tries to crush someone in truck similar to other references like Christine Thelma Louise Easter egg on mt chilliad

  2. Yesterday I got the regular ufo but sadly I missed the special ufo

  3. Jason was from Friday the 13th. Michael Meyers was from Halloween.

  4. The driver might be referencing ghost rider

  5. Halloween kills 🥰❤️ halloween ends 🧡🎃

  6. I been watching your videos since the event started every single day i see a new video … SUBSCRIBED

  7. Does anyone know who the ‘psycho’ slasher is based on ??

  8. Bro said Jason Voorhees from Halloween 💀

  9. Correction..A nightmare on Elm street had nothing to do with Halloween.

  10. Plssss upload an video how to get the bigfoot outfit

  11. I've been following thr UFO things because I believe anyway but yesterday when there was 2 UFOs both was different, one was more like a battle ship not a round ufo.

  12. Gta 6 that's Mr boss ftw start that bs

  13. Jason is not from the movie Halloween Jason this from the scary movie called Jason Michael Myers is the Halloween movie

  14. Hello buddy! I’m following it! Think I missed the first 2 days though…the 200 pumpkin collection challenge was ridiculously hard…it took my like half the day getting to 90 pumpkins and by 8pm I needed like 120 more and knew “I’m never gonna be able to finish this b4 it resets”….

  15. Should give u leather face and his chainsaw and the winged flying creeper from jeepers creepers tries to get the the oppressor greifers lol

  16. Do these white light wheels come with tye car or is it a mod if no can you show how to get them

  17. You intentionally called the slashers wrong names to get more comments. Kudos.

  18. I've been doing the ufo event but my game glitched and I couldn't see day 2,3,4 pretty annoying😐

  19. The slashers were awsome. Propper spooked me the first couple of times. Managed to kill them after a couple of times of being killed. I've also been doing the ufo photos

  20. Looking forward to being abducted by aliens. 👽

  21. Best horror movie is halloween 2018 and halloween kills

  22. Any chance Christine will come back missed out last year 🙁

  23. With the truck I had the feeling it was from Jeepers Creepers. Large truck and the horn sounding. Anyone else think the same?

  24. Hey bro ! I miss the 9th ufo and the stealth ufo did I mess up ?

  25. I’m taking the pic every day but missed 1 and 2. Can get these when they reappear later in the calendar cycle as want the collectibles rewards. FrizzlePickle (CREW) on pc.

  26. Halloween franchises with Michael Myers the Friday the 13th franchise is with Jason Voorhees . yes I enjoyed this event too last year

  27. Dum ass Jason was from Friday the 13th not Halloween

  28. I liked all Halloween movies except Season of The Witch and resurrected.

  29. Cerberus truck hit me so hard he knocked my Mini into an alleyway and he got stuck. I got out and stickybombed his truck. 1-0.

  30. Halloween is Michael myers you idiot not Jason god!!!! SMH

  31. Did you just say that Jason was from Halloween OMG you idiot he's from Friday The 13th

  32. I've completed the 200 pumpkins & got the tee
    I'm also taken part in the UFO event
    Slasher I shall take part in that event also

  33. Where’s the stealth UFO? It’s not outside the army base


    12:36 Love that we get a random trick or treat effect, wish it wasn't just a timed event thing

  35. Micheal Meyer is from Halloween not Jason if u going to make content know what ur talking about Jason from Friday the 13

  36. Quick question… Will female character also receive boxers, or will they be getting parties? 🤔

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