New Games Workshop Games Incoming | Space Marine Adventures Rise of the Orks UK Price & Release Date

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Always Board Never Boring is excited about three new Game Workshop board games that are going to retail shortly: Space Marine Adventures: Rise of the Orks, Blitz Bowl: Season Two, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Crypt Hunters. All three games are going to be available in America and Germany, and Rise of the Orks is going to be a Game exclusive in the UK. A bit of digging has revealed pricing and release date information for the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: Since making this video, it appears that Game have taken down the preoder information for Rise of the Orks. I guess they weren’t supposed to have revealed it yet!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the news. Personally I like lost patrol… Just embrace it is impossible, and enjoy the ride!

  2. A Rise of The Orks game ……. with no ork miniatures only Space Marine ones. bruh !

  3. Cool
    I have a barnes noble across the street from my home. Jealous ? Lol. I only go in there once a year for these exclusives and to pick up new black library releases. Hoorah!

  4. I just had a look on game website and it is saying out of stock. I am kind of thinking that it just needs enabling. Did you see it open to pre order? Btw I got into the first game through your videos!

  5. Man I was hoping to get crypt hunters over in the uk, but ahh gutting.

  6. Funny I just played a game of Blitz Bowl tonight at work. I still think that's the best one of these games that they have done so far, and I don't particularly care for Blood Bowl. Playing to score challenge cards with touchdowns as a bonus really makes the game more interesting. It was James Hewitts last GW game and the changes to it were some that he had wanted for Blood Bowl but would have changed it up too much.

    The Orc game looks interesting but we will have to see how tower defensy it really is. The models are great, though I already have about 40 terminators already.

  7. Yesterday when I looked they had rise of orcs and the labyrinth of necrons both for pre order. I was going to get both but went with just the orcs. Earlier on today I couldn't find anything under space marine adventures on their site at all. Strange.

  8. A bit sad that you can’t order it through any game shop. Still another fab review. To be honest I don’t think I could order anything through Game when they were in Ireland, fired most of their staff without severance.

  9. Rise of the Orks preorder looks to be back up on Game.

  10. Hi Kevin. Just to let you know. GW have pulled Blackstone Fortress Traitor Command as well as No Respite now.

  11. Did they release the expansions for the first space marine game in the uk? Or did I miss them =/

  12. Somewhat annoyingly, it doesn’t look like you could use these terminators as a legal 5 man 40K squad. Too many heavy weapons

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