Most Anticipated Space Games For 2023

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2023 has some excellent space games coming out. These are the most anticipated space games for the new year.


Kerbal Space Program 2:

Homeworld 3:

Falling Frontier:

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0:00 Introduction
0:13 Starfield
3:00 Kerbal Space Program 2
5:55 Homeworld 3
9:22 Falling Frontier
12:18 Conclusion


  1. anstar citizen deosnt feature because it will never be finished as long as they can keep rinsing its buyers for more and more money by releasing ships every now and then.

  2. Y’all are sad y’all do nothing with your life except game game game everything is a game to you millennials and gen z. Useless

  3. So Starfield is rip off of Star Citizen that's currently available to play, JS..

  4. I really want a game were you fight with battleships and dreadnoughts, like..well…Dreadnought but more in depth

  5. Life Not Supported looks interesting to me. Q2 -2023

  6. lul if you think Starfield is going to be anything but a buggy underdelivered mess you're delusional.

  7. I don't think any of these are gonna beat star atlas, not even close.

  8. I miss playing Wing Commander on a 386, 16.

  9. Guys, it's a video about the most anticipated space games in 2023, because 2023 is looking like a great time for space games.

  10. Falling Frontier is to only one I hadn't heard of.
    Starfield and KSP 2 were already on my wishlist. Not so keen on the other 2, as I'm a bit over RTS games.

    Another game I am looking forward to is Occupy Mars. It's supposed to be out "soon", but development has been slow, and they've disappointed often. Having said that, on a live stream, the developers said it was soon, which gave me the sense it will be this year, and they are running closed beta right now.

  11. I tried Elite Dangerous but I am simply not coordinated enough to operate the controls effectively. Navigating the ship was too complicated. Is there a PC game set in space which is geared (in part at least) towards exploration, and which has a simpler means of piloting the craft? I'd prefer single player/non-pvp, but it isn't critical.

  12. I clicked on impulse to see if you mentioned that one game that. So glad you didn't. Some of these games look promising.

  13. I see by the video footage that (very obviously) Kerbal Space Program 2 features Orion Drive, aka Nuclear Bomb Propulsion. w00t!

  14. only 2 things that are interesting and potential, starfield and falling frontier.

  15. Maybe Star Citizen will be ready as well, in 2023. 😀

  16. We so need a remake (and, basically, finishing ) on Freelancer…

  17. You have time acceleration in KSP1. Has this guy even played KSP1?

  18. These all look great; I will admit that I would love a remaster or updated FreeLancer. I still play it now and then and the promise of so much more is there.

  19. I remember playing Sid Meier's Pirates! some time ago and found a schooner I could kit out like a boss.

    The damn thing was so fast and manoeuvrable it could pick fights with ships much bigger than itself and retreat without repercussion.

    Translate that experience into either Falling Frontier or Homeworld 3 and colour me interested DEFINITELY!

  20. On the last clip you talked highly about the music and told us to listen but you wouldn't shut up for any viewer to listen. Wtf do you say listen and keep talking like you're talking to slow children bro? Talk faster you could have written a great script if you talk at a normal speech rate. Not a national geographic African safari slow calm speech level. Get it together.

  21. All these games look great. I will say Falling Frontier has been expected to be released now for the past 2 years or more….so I am not holding my breath. Kinda getting annyoning they would announce it and keep bushing its release back for so many times. I took it off my Steam wish list its been so long. Lets hope the others on this list aren't delayed half a decade. Homeworld has never disappointed and Starfield looks great. Just hoping Starfield doesnt turn into another Star Citizen.

  22. Don't even say starfield is coming out. I think it's a full of shit game. Phil Spencer is probably paying to make the game from all the adverts on these CGI videos they keep putting up.
    Xbox is pitiful for exclusives.
    PlayStation isn't much better.
    My advice for anybody trying to get either still save your money and buy a pc.
    Been shit this Generation of consoles have

  23. I find it ironic how regardless of how far we go into the future, we continue to do the same things we do to one another that we've done to one another since our conception. OK, we don't utilize sticks and stones any more. But a rose by any other name is still a fuc'in rose.

  24. The first game I played, was Pac-Man, just when it was released…, since then, I have played them all and "keep on keeping on"…
    I love all those space ganes

  25. Being a fan of Homeworld 1, Homeworld Cataclysm and Homeworld 2, HW:3 is the one I waiting for the most. Already got my pre-order for the collectors edition wich includes ship models from the game, including the "Mother Ship". 2023 is gonna be a good year.

  26. With Starfield, I can see it now. You fly into a new star system only to be met by space raiders. Crackling over the intercom: "Never should have warped here."

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  28. Wish gaming videos would say what one needs to play a game? I have no idea how to get started. What do I need to buy?

  29. All I want to say on Homeworld 3 – if someone can build ships that big, WHY CAN'T WE??? 😀

    All of these look to have potential.

  30. Releasing your game early 2023 is very unwise…

  31. All I want for Christmas is Star Wars Elite Dangerous!

  32. Pardon my ignorance, but is Star Field a PC commando keyboard game? Will Bethesda release it on a console system?

  33. the only one i have any interest in is starfield.
    i don't care about RTS style space games or even online coop.

    i require a more personal touch that makes the game much more fun and interesting.

    having the addition of modding also greatly helps which most games these days don't ever do.

  34. Rather disappointed, to be quite honest. I'm still waiting for a state-of-the-art, realistic spaceflight simulator like Orbiter 2016 or KSP , but with some degree of photorealism and actual realistic human astronauts with good animation (I find KSP unplayable solely because of the goofy looking green cartoon zucchinis).

  35. you should look at and play the previous homeworld games, you are missing out on a marvelous experience if you have not yet played it.

  36. So is KSP 2 going to allow you to go interstellar or intergalactic as well? You said has multiple star systems then said far away galaxies.

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