More FREE and CHEAP Space Games – Spring Sales

GOG’s current sale has some large discounts on some great space games. This includes space combat, adventure as well as sim games. Here’s a few recommendations.

0:00 Intro
0:24 Diaspora: Shattered Armistice
2:11 Objects in Space
4:03 Observation
6:08 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
7:37 Chorus
8:59 Hardspace: Shipbreaker
10:15 Journey to the Savage Planet

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  1. You would have to pay me play that gross ass Chorvs game

  2. You forgot Oolite – completely free and a great port of the original Elite that started it all.

  3. Freespace and Battlestar Galactica? I'll check out the first game for sure.

  4. Thx bought rebel galaxy outlaw based on your recommendation

  5. Nice one on Diaspora…now to Between the Ashes, also from the FSO engine, which is gonna release it's second act soon and both are absolutely free to play!!

  6. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a sequel to Rebel Galaxy. The first one you piloted a capital ship. Always wondered why they went to a starfighter game for the sequel.

  7. Don't know if Warframe was ever mentioned on this channel, but downloaded it earlier yesterday & I was immediately taken in by it. Superb graphics, artwork, game mechanics are decent, interesting story and it appears to be quite an immersive game in terms of content. Very impressive game for a free one! It's cross platform and is single/multiplayer. I haven't delved too deep into it…but while there are space ships, I don't know if piloting one is an option…perhaps so(once I progress further?)

  8. Chorus was a good game until you get to the end. The ending boss fight pretty much ruins the game. Everything after that goes back to being okay.

  9. Observation was a REALLY enjoying experience for me. It was a BIG YES for me ! I RECOMMAND it to ALL my friend ! The gameplay and SciFi story is sooooo nice !
    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a really nice ambiance but a bit of to much grind for me. Quite fin none the less !
    Chorus is quite beautiful ^^
    We did Journey to The Salvage Planet and the DLC with a friend of mine. A little short but SO MUCH FUN ! The dark humour is everywhere and the story is fun ! Really refreshing !

  10. Good&cheap space games is such a niche to hit and yet IMHO you nailed it in this one 😁
    I bought OIS in the early days because I was told the team was really talented, sad to hear it's turned into abandonware, it's very immersive

  11. Since we now have a game like shipbreaker, perhaps there soon will be games where you are tasked with building ships, colonies and space stations for clients.

  12. There's a game i've been looking for that is a spaceship combat game, but not in space, making it really fucking hard to find. It came out years ago and you pilot a ship in atmosphere in a similar way to war thunders battleships. much love to anyone that can remember this gem and point me towards it.

  13. You need to do more research on your videos if you are recommending objects in space…

  14. Adding my voice to the cautions about Objects in Space. I had a great time with it when it first came out, then returned to it last year with a new PC to find it completely unplayable- all the text is totally garbled. I suppose I could spend a day trying to make it work but there’s no hope of a patch from the devs in case something else breaks. A shame.

  15. I just bought the dying sun and it reminds me of the old-school colony wars. Only thing I dont like about it is its a very bare bones game, I wish it had at least a little bit more in the load out customization. But I love how the combat feels.

  16. Another one to keep an eye on is "Astronomics".
    Simple, but very challenging. Currently has a demo on Steam.

  17. Outlaw is probably the closest you’ll get to old school Privateer. Good fun game.

  18. Objects In Space had a lot of potential but the game was dropped incomplete in early access. Neat mechanics to toy with but not a clean experience. Lots of bugs.

  19. Don't be fooled by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Hardspace Shipbreaker. The game is extremely repetitive with only a handful of ships to salvage. The gameplay basically circles around, savage ship, unlock next level, rinse & repeat. And if playing games is your way of temporarily escaping politics and the world's troubles, don't get this game. The game shoves their political ideology down your throat, whether you want to hear it or not and whether it is relevant the the main story or not.

  20. Another alternative for free space games is Juno: New Origins. It's a KSP-like space sim with a larger focus on creative freedom that has a freemium version for mobile and is also available on Steam.

  21. Do you have a safe link for Dispora shattered armistrice?, I think freepsace 2 equal to my beloved microsft freelancer so If i can do some dogfighting instead of having to drink water and push elevator buttons im all in.

  22. I remember Diaspora, it was so much fun, and has a great story

  23. Free or cheap, cause if it's free it can't be cheap, and if it's cheap it can't be free.

  24. Really keen to play Observation, but waiting for a sale on Steam.

  25. Observation is a great little game, it is short, but well worth a look

  26. Chorus is awesome, played it on the steam deck and it's lotsa fun once you unlock the drifting and teleport abilities 😀 wish there was a successor for it

  27. @ObsidianAnt – Do any of these games have a VR mode? These (and the other collection you reviewed a few weeks back) woulda all be IMMENSE in a headset!

  28. Who remembers the old diaspora? It was kind of cheesy super fun low graphics multiplayer

  29. Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD
    Exo One
    Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut

  30. I agree with the others that say Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is well worth a look.

  31. Dislike only because Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Never ever EVER touch this shit even with mile long stich. This is quinessence of garbage elements fron old cosmosims.

  32. Good video. I never thought I would write this. I am starting to think that space flight games in general are rather boring and dull and I have little hope for the future of space gaming in general. Star Citizen put me over the edge with how they see the future of space gaming. (Hint it is not good for the consumer.) The only space games worth supporting now is ELITE and No Man Sky. Any other franchise is just soul sucking. What is your take?

  33. Does anyone know where I can stream Battlestar Galactica? I have a few services I use, and a VPN, so location isn't too much of an issue.

  34. I played a few of these on xbox gamepass … check there!!

  35. So where do you get these? that would have been nice information to have don't you think?

  36. Avorion. One of my favorite games of all time. Wonderful little gem that doesn't get the credit it deserves. It's an indie title mostly made by one guy and has been consistently updated. I loved it 6 yrs ago when it was barebones and lacked balance and QoL but now it has tons of content, gameplay systems, very few bugs, tons of QoL, etc…

    Think of a combination of a space simulator with RPG elements and tactical engaging combat with diplomacy, trade routes, station building, missions, smuggling, and all the other things you could want. All that and it's basically "Minecraft in space" in regards to it's voxel based ship/station building and salvaging/mining. It also has a bit of a simple and fun 4X style grand strategy design.

    I couldn't recommend this game more and I wish more people would give it a shot. I've put well over 1000 hours with my buddy since 2017 and I see us playing this game for many years to come, if not, the rest of our lives to be honest!

  37. Chorus blew me away – don't remember what possessed me to buy it, but boy was I happy with that space drifting campaign.

  38. If we're mentioning space games where you don't fly space ships, Genesis Alpha One is insanely underrated and overlooked. I had so much fun with that game, it deserved more development.

  39. Cheap games? I bought Starsector for less than $20 and became one of my favourite game ever.

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