Moonkind – (Space Colony Survival Game) [Free]

Take part in this 700 years long travel through interstellar space. Your ship isn’t made out of metal, but is the Moon itself.
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  1. A geothermal plant. On the moon. Not a selenothermal one.Literally unplayable.

  2. The best strategy in this game is to deliberately crash your population periodically and basically start from scratch. As long as you have some breeding/working age people you can recover from almost anything, but if you do too well for too long you simply run out of space or resources, causing a crash anyway. Still, an interesting game. I found myself often picking the -pop options in the events because there was already like 20% unemployment and like 2 million people. If you try to eek out a meagre balancing act and crawl to the finish, you end up microing way too hard, not to mention attempting to manage the population with the tools given is very difficult, I found it's either exploding or collapsing. Still, an interesting game, especially considering its $FREE.99.

  3. "This is a dark entrance"
    This feels very like Space: 1999

  4. Interesting, but man it looks like it really needs an auto-maintain function 🙂

  5. 00:05 "This looks like a simpler Per Aspera"
    00:25 Made with Unity – so its performance will be even worse

  6. I keep screaming you over produce mats and build research centers 🙁

  7. I always wanted a game that started like this, but with a % chance "ah, nope, the shield didn't handle it. game over. play again?" troll

  8. Geothermal power on the moon? But the moon's crust is not hot enough or big enough to generate geothermal power. It would be more believable if they generate fusion power because the moon has an abundance of Helium-3.

  9. how there were still people with a big red sun or a white dwarf?

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