Just Klownin’ Around Heh…hehe🤡 (Killer Klowns From Outer Space w/ Buds!)

Max comes back from his vacation to play games and hopefully entertain you once again! To start he checks out Killer Klowns From Outer Space The Game! Enjoy! ;D

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  1. Lol Bruce is actually the worst haha not a team player, not coordinated, and is terrible at describing his location!

  2. when did they make a killer clowns from outer space game ?

  3. ah yes I always store my spare spark plugs in the microwave, keep em nice and warm

  4. oh cool my childhood horror movie in game form. Radical dude! this should be totes cool!

  5. Unless there's a big lore retcon, yes, aliens. I don't know if this has been elaborated upon, but in the movie it is speculated that the Klowns were "ancient astronauts" who inspired our concept of clowns earlier in history. Also, blame Disney for scrapping the sequel plans.

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