jazz/lofi hip hop radio🌱chill beats to relax/study to [LIVE 24/7]

Abao in Tokyo
😊 Thanks for listening, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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(Message me if the stream goes down)

📚 My study with me videos(w/pomodoro timer)
・calm piano🎹
・rain sound🌧
・fireplace sound🔥

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🎨 Illustration by @moyo_tvoyo

🎥 Animation by @jjessyca.c

📜 The chill music streamed in this jazz/lofi radio is perfect to study, relax, draw, paint, work from home, read books or comics, do your homework, prepare exams, smoke, have a break, play games, cook, sleep or simply chill out with your friends.

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