Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira 2 | FREE FIGHT | UFC 293

Tune in to UFC 293 main card action on September 9 at 10pm ET / 7pm PT!

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  1. Strickland tittle shot? What a joke that drunk uncle can’t even fight

  2. When I first watched it I thought Izzy was in a lot more trouble against the corner before the ko , bt it did look a lot different watching it back

  3. These two have to fight again. Izzy wins, he shows he figured him out, he lose it’s 4-1, it’s over

  4. All ii have been waiting for🙆‍♂️🥲😎

  5. This Guy wanna eat jiri?😂😂😂

  6. Man, imagine mike Tyson front row at your fight and celebrating your win. That must be amazing.

  7. Tremendo Golpazo espero espero y espero y saco ese contra golpe Booom 🦾

  8. I've never seen Adesanya fight so hesitantly. He did great though!

  9. Изи конечно хорош, но Ромеро он проиграл

  10. i swear izzy looked way bigger then usual in this fight

  11. Most Parreira fans are suddenly fans of both fighters😂

  12. One championship is more active when fighting, they are not allowed to be silent for more than 5 seconds.

  13. Ada-whatever needs to learn respect his opponent. That acting like he’s shooting an arrow into unconscious man is about as low class as you can get. Maybe hi should try growing up and quit acting like a spoiled brat.

  14. i can't wait for the 3 between these two giants

  15. The God of war is with Israel 😅🎉 that night i was in same where in Uganda 🇺🇬 i really enjoyed this fight 💪🔥

  16. Baited him into the corner again and Izzy made the adjustment and made him pay for it

  17. WoW, what a knock out,
    I love when they show Joe's reaction, just throwing 2 fully grown men around with eyes wide open 🤣 Beast ✨️🙌✨️

  18. It looked so fake lol like periera just fell because he was told to do so. Soft ass lookin punch followed by the lbgtq style like hammer punch 👊 when he went down😅

  19. He is the greatest of all time 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 sorry Silva 🤗😁

  20. I love how Donald Trump is in the crowd hahaa

  21. Yup. Israel figured this was the only way. He can't go for 3 rounds with this man. I mean he can, but it will not go his way. At the same time Israel has a much better record than him

  22. How can Alex be 193 like Israel but still looking taller

  23. Alex has problems with southpaw. Its better for Israel to attack in southpaw and switch back when he needs to defend

  24. Lucky shot tbh, pereira was on the verge on finishing him. I understand why Izzy doesn’t want a rematch. As if he celebrated that hard like he dominated 😂

  25. i just remember jumping out my seat when it happened and screaming “YOU NEVER BET AGAINST THE BENDER”. everything about that night was legendary, one of the craziest sports moments for me. 🐐🫡👏🏾

  26. i never even noticed kamaru yelling and cheering in the crowd while izzy hit the celly. just made that angle more epic, his brother genuinely amped to see him shine 🤝👑

  27. AI's getting crazy nowadays. Almost believed that Alex got knocked out

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