Is SPACE HULK TACTICS a good Warhammer 40,000 game? – REVIEW

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Time Index:
00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – Gameplay
03:05 – Graphics & Sound
03:45 – What’s Good and What’s Bad
04:17 – The Verdict
04:56 – Scoring

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  1. This is a decent game. Not great. Some interface issues are problematic but if you like (or love like me) the boardgame you won't go too far wrong. Especially if its on sale. cpu ai is ok. Campaign is decent with some replay value (not in story but missions) and i had fun with it. 2 player head to head is buggy. Server issue doesn't allow you to play directly with friend (ps4 at least) so its hit or miss if you get paired up in a lobby.For my money the 3D0 (from 20+ years ago) version is STILL scarier/more tense but obviously graphics WAY inferior.

  2. Ill see if this is on sale for Xmas if cheap enough will be worth it. Appreciate the spotlight

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