iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max – TIPS TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES!!!

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Check out these TOP iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features! Let me know which one you liked the most down below in the comments!





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  1. The battery life is horrible in these me 14s

  2. What about the bad stuff like how China give them horrible battery life😂

  3. That Apple Watch Ultra should’ve just been for a man they look hideous for women


    I have mine on the way will be arriving Monday 😊 The 14 Pro Max I am currently using my 12 Pro Max

  5. I am a big fan of your English and voice

  6. Apple watch ultra tips and tricks video I can't wait for you to make that video

  7. Thank you for the video its was very helpful🙂

  8. Love iPhones & her videos.
    She’s so cute, those eyes

  9. Dynamic island also works with YouTube and YouTube music

  10. Some of the features presented here are not specific to IPhone 14 pro but belong to iOS 16 😂😂😂

  11. i just switched to ipone after being a samsung user since S5 and all these feature have been in samsung since forever, wtf?!?

  12. ʚïɞSẅệệẗ Löṿệl·ÿ Ṃệṃöŕïệṩʚïɞ says:

    wow Lovely Boss I enjoyed a lot. 😍🥰😇these are so informative & heart-touching Features . Thanks Angel 😇

  13. iphone battery drain ios 16 is a nice trick hey Hayls lol

  14. Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥ ❤ 💕 💗 💖 🇮🇳 ♥

  15. Hi Ms.Hayls, Pls Upload Video About S21 FE Tips & Tricks.

  16. I’d like to take you to a dynamic island.

  17. your channel is much better than iJustine's at least we learn some new things here. TNX for video.

  18. on my channel i did an unboxing of the white iPhone 13 pro max. i'm waiting til next year to upgrade and this time i want the black iPhone 🤪

  19. Oh wow about the dynamic island, thank you so much sharing these tips and tricks, guess what I pre ordered that iPhone 14 pro max October 3rd and got it October 6th woohoo,I'm loving it.

  20. Don’t see how it’s helping with the sticker app

  21. Here’s a cool tip I found for the AOD.

    If you reduce your “white point” in accessibility to 25%, your screen barely dims and then your AOD lowers its brightness drastically. It’s so soothing. You’re welcome 😊

  22. i literally didn't knew this features
    until i you her today.
    like the way you explained it very quickly and most simple way .

  23. Action mode is exactly what the cameramen of a fight need!

  24. I following for how she is moving her face

  25. It's not just do not disturb focus mode btw. You go into any focus mode or create one. Add a random app to allow or don't allow notifications. You'll find that option to dim lock screen

  26. This video is very misleading, shame (in Mitch from Modern Family voice)

  27. i try 48 mp photo like here you show but it just show 12 mp whats wrong do i need to restart my phone ?

  28. Apple is becoming smart phone. Like android. Humm nice.

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