Inside Star Citizen: Mission: Cognoscible

Star Citizen
Which of these upcoming missions are you looking forward to accepting in your Contract Manager? Join us today as we explore some new features the Mission Team is currently working on for Alpha 3.20 and beyond!


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  1. I mean this is great and all but why? Anyone can just go dup anything they need so why do anything else lol? and before you say "for fun" all anyone is doing is dupping so.

  2. Yay! Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to the rescue! Also, finally datapads as mission targets, that certainly hasn't been done before. Oh, wait.
    For a game that prides itself on innovation there truly is a fuckton of "copy existing ideas" going on.

  3. It seems we are being herded into Pvp or multicrew, not friendly to the solo player. There are game loops the solo player can do well enough, bounty hunting and mining for example although mining took a nerf. Salvaging was good when I tried out a vulture during free fly. Data running and pathfinder explorer missions seem to be missing.

  4. Never realized it would take so much to make ship trespassing work.

  5. So what happens if I drag someone on to my ship so they are now "trespassing" and kill them? do they go to jail?

  6. Lot's of cool new missions coming up. The one thing that I'm really looking forward to is a bit more story layered on to the missions, maybe something that makes me feel like more of a hero and less of a gofer / murder hobo. Not every mission, just some.

    New trespassing mechanics sound well thought out and make sense. One aspect that I'd like to see is having transport missions also temporarily grant access. Currently you could have a work around by adding someone to party before they board, then dropping them from party. I'm also curious how law enforcement AI will respond to this. Will they be hostile to ships with a trespasser aboard. If you surrender (ie – power down) will it be able to sort out criminals from non-criminals, when this is implemented?

  7. With the Trespassing system, can we now use weapons inside our ships, in the armistice zones?
    I know one can apparently use the multi-tool currently, but I don't think that expands to the weapons. If you have to wait till you are in orbit to deal with a trespasser who snuck onboard your ship, it will always end in a shootout with the person not flying at a disadvantage.

  8. So what name are we giving the cameo adventure dude?

  9. I foresee more bunker beacons. Can’t wait.

  10. What on earth has happened to the mission teams? FPS Combat missions are fine but this is getting ridiculous.
    This obsession with FPS Combat missions goes down like a lead balloon to a large part of the community.
    FGS get a grip and be innovative and imaginative with new non combat missions, not everyone wants to kill all the time.

    If the mission teams were told Monday to drop all combat missions for a few weeks just to get some variety I bet some of them would be bewildered and not understand.
    SF developers must be laughing all the way to the bank.
    From a very worried backer since 2014….

  11. SC Npc is not even as good as the Elite Dangerous Npc….

  12. So what I'd like is for the bunker missions where it's Ninetails who have assaulted the bunker, that they use the new AI pathing system they've been working on to have reinforcement Ninetails arrive by ship from outside. It doesn't really make sense to me that a group of attackers who have only just arrived should be able to spawn out of elevators – how did they get in there?

    Or, if it's a Ninetails-held installation, the reinforcement security can come from outside instead. This could all happen dynamically – perhaps Ninetails successfully assaulted and captured a facility (with its own player mission) then at some stage the security for the planetary area builds up the forces to attempt to retake it, so a new mission spawns for players to support that.

    It could even spawn missions for both attacking and defending the bunker, depending on reputation, and add a little bit of potential PvP into the mix.

  13. So many features that I have been dreaming of eg 'ship trespass rules that also. protect you from being tricked by the ship owner', 'missions on the Orison barges' I cannot wait.

  14. I'm a little concerned we can't transport people without party now, so if you're for example: ferrying players from surface to station; you now need to invite them rather than simply informing them of what hangar the shuttle is at. The latter of the two allows groups to stay together and catch a ride.

    Also, the inclusion of the whole trespassing thing seems a bit redundant if you still can't shoot a found stowaway until you leave armistice… I don't quite see how this is better (and I play as a criminal, I'm just saying it won't really change anything in doing sneaking into a ship)

  15. WARNING: CIG moderators are WOKE, beware Spectrum.

  16. Literally nothing shown here is really meaningful as long as server FPS are below ~30 (and therefore combat being more or less broken). As server FPS have been below ~10 for the past few years, there is no reason to expect any of this to become meaningful in the foreseeable future. And no, there will be no "magical" patch introducing server meshing that will "fix" this.

  17. If you're purchasing a contract, it shouldn't be avialble to everyone, you bought the rights to that salvage, not sure how this would work internally though. HIgher rep, might bring with it larger ships in which multiple people might need to coordinate to salvage a larger vessel properly/efficiently thouhg?

    Where's the maintenance mission to repair the thrusters that keep these islands afloat? 🙂

    I imagine you've thought of this already, but what if you've snuck aboard a ship, and later are invited, does the trasspass then become null? Perhaps you shoudl consider an amnesty type state?

  18. its going to be rough ….now we dont know someone boards your ship….but cool you can shoot now before they shoot you

  19. How will trespassing work with armistice zones? Will I be able to defend my ship if someone sneaks aboard in the hangar, or do I have to be a sitting duck in the pilot seat until I leave the armistice zone, hoping that the trespasser doesn't stand behind me ready to shoot?

  20. Can I just salvage in peace? Without buying missions, getting timers and fighting against ships with my Vultures S1 weapons (and S1 shield).

  21. I personally cannot listen to a lad with Green hair and an unkempt beard. that's just me. I'll keep playing and see what crops up.

  22. Honestly. those consignment missions seem really stupid and the cover up salvage missions are the same thing we already have but with a different mission description. We want ArcCorp bunker missions in the buildings. Cargo Missions. Medical missions to rescue NPCs. CIG really need to give the mission team a lot more resources.

  23. love how this is an space sim and we get better ground missions 😀

  24. so we've smashed together a couple of existing mechanics into some more repetitive missions that add little value? cool.

  25. So what's the timer to be able to engage without a CS as the ship owner?

  26. ai is so dumb right now, they do need a much needed update!

  27. Just finish the game

  28. You can tell they have been working hard cause one of the guys is starting to look like Rasputin.
    Jokes aside, thanks for your hard work guys, get some rest <3

  29. I think Starfield will open the doors of space games to the world, and I hope that it is time to get serious about developing it for beta. What are the current development and how much is missing in the implementation by the time of the beta? Hardware aspects that are still missing for an MMO? 
    In Starfield terms, base development? Monsters? More stars? Types of spacesuits? Various skills? Beautiful backgrounds? The many elements of character creation? Or the story to move the world along?
    I think it's a good comparison no matter how you look at it, so the development people should try to do some of it.

  30. why don't you make your videos with turkish subtitles and your live broadcasts are playing the star citizen game in turkish

  31. I just wish they did more non-violent missions…

  32. I have to say there's a lot of FUN around Star Citizen and that's very crucial. Really good team spirit and overall feel. I just hope to see Star Citizen as a finished game in my lifetime😁

  33. 9:04 “the chat will no longer give you away” – so there won’t be anyway to tell if there is a pirate on the ship? They should at least show up on the channel if one is to look. Otherwise we’re right back where we started – getting shot in the back of the head as soon as we leave armistice.

  34. i love this, but we need to fix the desync.

  35. I’d love to play this game with my friends I just can’t afford a PC

  36. The salvage stuff is nice, but even though the on foot mission have some cool things, I can't get even the slightest interested despite on foot stuff I love the most, because the on foot combat is just not even playable and ends up being just a waste if time gambling. With AI that either are brain dead or dead shots, it's not fun spending all that time flying, landing, prepping to then enter and gamble throught the mission of you die or not and the death always feeling like it's not your fault. It's just not worth it untill the game servers can register the AI and the on ground combat better.

    The moment on ground combat works I'll be really excited, but SC isn't much for exciting content with how pretty much anything they say and even show in game, is just still like 10% chance it will be in the game. Which just leads to any news om features and updates being less of what to expect or look forward to and just the team saying "wouldn't this be cool but it will never be in the game" and the small things that manage to be lucky enough to win a 90% lose chance and do end up in the game, either don't work well because the rest of the problems and unfinished stuff in the game or just isn't worth the time for what it adds or gives, or just isn't much either.

    Server meshing is the 1 thing that really could do wonders for SC and that is if it works like they said, if they ever manage something so ground breaking as that for a game this big, hopefully will fix so many of SC core problems and will give SC fans something good they can actually use to back the game up instead of it coming off as them coping. Just being able to have the server remember things and make the world feel populated and not tied to a single server will be great and if it fixes ground combat syncing then it will be a win for SC. Just please get that server mesh down.

    Good luck CIG.

  37. Can we please have BMM and other large ships people payed a bunch of money for in game plz.

  38. petition to add lost bike guy to the game, ill to think he lives at NB

  39. Srry but who steals guns and modules?? They're worthless, it's the RMC that is worth something..

  40. I feel like if this game ever goes beta and we will be given the ability to rent private community servers it will see its biggest boom to date.

  41. Crusader is hard to to jump around. More jump points would be good.

  42. Ship Owner Right to Defend > So steal a ship from the owner > owner finds you later in their ship / tracks you down after a time (maybe a week or 2 later); who "owns the ship at that point (seeing as how the original owner already was recompensated with another ship) whose trespassing then. /Abandoned ships.

  43. 590 million and you cant even stabalise the game. This is pure false advertisement to create this trailer you must of gone through 1000s of hours worth of bugs.

    Starfield has shown us how lazy and misconcieving you are, its taken them around 6 years for a polished full of content with tons of features not present in SC. You are miles from completion, sc42 is atleast 2 or 3 years off.

    Time to get a move on because while youve been fixing bugs for an unreleased game. Starfield has been polishing lol great work, maybe if you put this much effort from your trailers and emails into developing, starfield would never of got the green light but they showed you how its done 😅😂. Just like rockstar showed volition all them years ago and now look where they are dominating the genre with no competition but you took way too long.

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