Indie Space Games In 2021 – New And Existing Titles And Updates

Space games are continuing to rise in popularity. Not only are there a whole bunch of games from large studios, but there continues to be a supply of space games from smaller indie studios. In this video I take a look at some of the new titles, as well as existing titles with upcoming updates from indie studios that will be worth checking out in 2021!
And for a list of space games from larger studios, do check out my previous video. Don’t forget to check out my video on the Best Space Games of 2021:

0:40 Dual Universe

01:42 Starpoint Gemini 3

02:44 Starbase

03:41 Everspace 2

04:35 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

05:31 Star Citizen

07:44 Starsector

08:44 Space Engine

09:27 Trigon Space Story

10:14 In the Black

11:12 Avorion

Epidemic Sound


  1. Check out Emperyion Galactic Survival. Looks pretty amazing.

  2. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    imagine Space Engine as a Elite Dangerous mixed with Star Citizen and Eve Online MMO game.
    you could fly anything from single seat fighters to super capitals that make Eve Onlines Titans look tiny, small ships hop from system to system in small clusters, medium sized ships could cover the galaxy, large ships could go to the closest galaxies and the super capitals could go to the very ends of the universe given enough stops to refuel and for the engines to cool down, and all the galaxies have a complex diversity of alien life, ranging from primitive animals to massive galaxy spaning super empires, and you could build your own outposts and stations and even colonize planets, filling them with both players and simulated life.

    of course, such a game is impossible by todays tech, and will remain impossible for a looong time to come, but one can dream, right?

  3. Star Citizen is a real sketchy game to me the way the developers are going about doing things. But on the flip side it seems like a very good title.

  4. Starsector hasn't been released but it has a playable beta.

  5. Thanks for the video. Had no idea that there were so many space games out there.

  6. might wanna take a look at falling frontier, not an fps/tps ship commander game, yet a really good one

  7. It's unfortunate, but Star Citizen will end up being shut down due to legal issues. There is no way it would survive full on lawsuits, and i'm 100% sure investigations will reveal certain individuals used funds to enrich themselves.

  8. what do you even do in Starcitizen? you know, besides buying virtual space yachts with non-virtual money

  9. Bro in the black is awesom and i like space game when it will lauch i will start gameplay in my channel❤️

  10. Star Citizen? I thought that was stillborn.

  11. To me it looks all the same. It's always just shooting. Will there ever be a peaceful space game? 🙄

  12. @Obsidian, missing Empyrion Galactic Survival in the list 🙂 tho its a bit like space engineers, its still different and enjoyable , especially the integrated steam workshop where people can upload their own creations or, download creations if they are not so good in building their own Hover craft's, bases, small vessels or capital vessels, or even download modded scenario's from the workshop such as Project eden, reforged galaxy, or the combination reforged eden which adds a lot to the base game.

  13. Some great looking games here, this star citizen looks amazing but that seems to be about it

  14. U talk about space engineers but not empyrion ?

  15. I personally enjoy Elite Dangerous than others and I recommend every space game fan give it a shot. It's amazing, relaxing and beautiful. The community is awesome and new massive expansion Odyssey will be released in 2021. o7

  16. So does naughty dog want to mix this series of games to make their next game?

  17. Of all the games reviewed here and in your first video, which game(s) would you say has a scope or world similar to The Expanse?

  18. Please add Second Galaxy to your next list of reviews… (I left the same comment on your other video as well… thanks)…. BTW – Your videos are great with good narration!

  19. there are a few things you missed. Dual universe a specific minimum hardware requirements, if they are not met, the game will not work. a special generation of cpus is required, so if you do not have it, you will not be able to play it and in the current state, if you made the mistake, that you cannot play, just because these requirements are met, the company does not refund anything. like you buy a car, but cannot drive it, because the car does not fit into your parking space, you will get nothing, just a few cheap excuses.

  20. In the black = Digital combat simulator in space

  21. Stellar Warfare, Terra Invicta and Falling Frontier are also noteworthy space games.

  22. Falling Frontier should have made the list and even if it didn't, it's definitely worth watching it evolve.

  23. 1 vote for Starsector ! ihave more than 100 mods in that game and still play now

  24. @obsidianAnt as always great job on your video and your video just introduced me to the upcoming game trigon and now i cant wait for it thanks.

  25. Star citizen with only 3000 hourly players while warthunder (a game the same age) averages about 55,000 hourly. Sad at best for how badly they ripped off investors.

  26. It warms my 💙 whenever I hear (or read) about the "increasing popularity of space themed games." I have been a space game fan for decades. As a perk for working for a large e-tailer, I got newly released Freelancer for next to nothing.

    Back then, space themed games were very hard to come by. When I’d search Steam using space as a parameter, the selections were sparse, to put it mildly. I'm thrilled that this genre is finally getting the attention from developers that it's always deserved.

  27. Thank you for including Duel universe, most Youtube Space game Reviewers ignore this Great game.

  28. First of all: I really like your channel. THIS is the way previews had to be done. I could look your previews for hours even if the previewed genre is not my cup of tea. Now my question: Am I the only one who is looking for a space exploration game with lesser focus on space battles or comic graphics? I just want to get into my spacecraft [with or without some crew] and start my `tour de stars`. And all this with somehow realistic graphics. No Laserswords; No SPace Pirates. I didnt found such a game. 🙁 And Im looking for years…..many years 🙁

  29. where is space engineers,it realy looks cool to

  30. Space Engineers and Star Base tops them all (in my opinion)

  31. Am I the only one that noticed that Trigon completely ripped FTL's gameplay and even exact ship interior layout?

  32. Где блять тайм коды и почему на хер его знает каком языке??

  33. Obsidian Ant I love your content TY. I have watched a great many of your videos.. thank you for what you do. Especially love your ED videos.

  34. Here let me fix the title of this video "Mostly Single Player Indie Space Games In 2021"

  35. Its the first any title with a 300 million dollar budget

  36. Great videos and content however I have a request. Could you please mention a small tag at the introduction of every game in your videos which tells us which platforms these games are available on ? I own a ps4 and I had to manually search on google to check if any of these were available on my platform. Thanks

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