I’m playing Dead Space

Hamster playing games

Dead Space — is a horror third—person shooter with a huge story and a fantastic plot. The game has implemented new graphics models, most of the monsters are hand-drawn, the weapons were created with careful attention to the effects they produce. They wanted to make a shooter on a near-space theme, but it turned out to be a whole universe inside one ship. The events unfold on a ship that mines ore on another planet. Randomly unfolding dialogues, a gradual increase in tension leads to the fact that scientists stumble upon an artifact, because of which the ship fails, the space station, which is nearby, loses contact with the miners. Engineer Isaac is sent to rescue, who will have to inspect the ship.

It turns out that the artifact found by scientists affects the entire command staff of the ship with an unknown virus. One stricken doctor cuts out half of the management staff, a portal opens and creatures that no one could even imagine come out of it. Isaac voor

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