I’m Making a Multiplayer Space Game

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Solar Standoff is my new Multiplayer 1v1 Space Fighting Game. Made completely from scratch using Godot & CSharp.

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➤A Special Thanks To:
@DualWielded for drawing the Monkey Assets.
JGM for making the Solar Standoff Logo:

➤Bruh Paragraph
This is a Godot CSharp Game Solar Standoff. Similar to BURG and Mushy and Barji Kart and Grapple by Barji. These are Multiplayer Godot and Unity games.


  1. Ah the rainbow the gift that go- PRIDE STOP STEALING THE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S NOT YOURS!!!!! – The angels of god.

  2. hey I would love to see "i tried being Roblox dev for a month" or "Roblox developer for a month here's what happened" or smth like that. i don't see lot of quality developers like you doing this but i want to watch an actual game dev document their experience so much, thx for fun videos daddy

  3. Shouldnt planets in grapple be dark (the sky)

  4. For modeling rocks in blender you can use the carver tool as well as beveling corners and you can get some cool looking low-poly rocks 🙂
    It's a built in addon so all you have to do is enable it. Also good luck on the game Barji 🙂

  5. This game kind of reminds me of a vr game that I forgot the name of

  6. This game has so mutch potential but you could add so mutch more like survival with more planets and more stuff or pvp and stuff money making stuff and more. And add energy and caves and in an deep cave you could come to the core and get anlog of energy.

  7. I feel the video doesn’t have an order of things. I never hate and don’t post much but I feel the ideas of the video are not clear I felt lost and at minute 4 had no idea what you was talking about

  8. I think you accidentally muted me in your server buddy

  9. bug fix report: pls fix the drills spinning diraction it spinns in the wrong way

  10. Since dani left barji is my new game developer youtuber 🙁 we love you dani plz come back

  11. Finally, I knew I'm not insane. Barjinium existed…

  12. Barji pls make a game thats $1 you need money

  13. idea: say smash that subscribe button to make it glow!

  14. when your trying to develop a game but lego fortnite releases -_-

  15. WHERE IS THE UPDATE TO GRAPPLE IT SAID comeing at 100k subs hold on wtf you HAVE 188K SUBS

  16. hey barji do u know what happend to dani? why isnt he uploading devlogs or any videos at all?

  17. Add a spaceship so that weekend visit our spying neighbor and show him our gun 2

  18. Wait Barji! U rae Barjinium just without nium! I'm a genius! Hahahahahahaahahhashahahahahahahah!

  19. I have a few ideas
    1. Solar pannels: they cost 1000 bj and generate 10 bar (new form of energy) per seccond
    2. A shock bomb: cost 500 bar and stun opponents.
    3. Anti pannel lazer: costs 1 bar per tick and does 10% of damage to solat pannels
    4. Bj farm: cost 1000 bj and 2000 bar and will give 100 bj per 10 seconds. Can be upgraded.
    5. Shield breaker: cost 5000 bar and will insta break a shield

  20. Please no graven images! please read the Bible!

  21. It's really funny you made a VPN sponsored segment but then you showed your actual IP

  22. Dude, you need a writer, ) I can tie story of pirate ship and space ship or space blaster-gun by an ancient artifact plot thread. So just answer to this comment if you have any other plot holes to tie or story needed to add to you project.😄

  23. Bro i am serious i had this idea superly similar but i guess not original

  24. We don’t need military. Why do you make it sound like military is a good thing!

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