If You Sell Turnips to Timmy Before Building the Nook’s Cranny

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If You Sell Turnips to Timmy Before Building the Nook’s Cranny
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  1. I bet the person that is saying anything like …_______ as the catchphrase is Tommy he's the one who has saying it all the time

  2. When i started playing they only offered me Peaches, now i live from peaches, I WANTED ORANGES AND CHERRIES

  3. I was hoping what happened in the thumbnail would happen 💀

  4. Who you gonna call?

    Frickin Interpol or what?

  5. If your player is white why does he have a black hairstyle?? That just racist

  6. why does your blonde character be havin day's pills in yall's hairs

  7. When I saw you had muggy I got excited bc she is also on my island ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. What the fuck is this click bait bullshit!?!?!? I was excited to see them react like the thumbnail. NOT fucking cool

  9. I have muffy to she is a little golf sheep and she the cutest🐏💨😅

  10. The Waffle House has Found it's New Host

  11. Hey I know things about turnips I think you'd like to know I'm not sure I'd it's patched now but I don't think it is

  12. For whatever reason it feels strange to see it not snowy. But I have only played animal crossing in December and January, so i have only seen snowy ground in animal crossing

  13. I have Muffy… In ACNL :v

  14. I just noticed that turnips are basically some kind of animal crossing universe bitcoin

  15. what is the name of this game? I played it before but forgot the name 🙁

  16. ITS BECAUSE ITS SUNDAY THEY BUY IT JUST FINE btw the default price when doing that is 500 bells very good

  17. It makes a bit of sense that the raccoon wants the trash. He probably eats it in his spare time.

  18. When I saw muffy I just became sad because she just left my island 😭

  19. Literally everything has swapped, When turnips are available You can't sell them when they are rotten but you can sell them when they are fresh. But on the island when turnips are not available You can sell them when they are rotten but you can't sell them but you can't sell them when they are fresh that is the most weirdest thing I've ever heard in my whole life

  20. How did u get that medieval armor?

  21. If Animal Crossing economy was real, the economy would collapse and everyone would be multi millionaires.

  22. “Villagers don’t want your spoiled turnips” i learnt that the hard way 🥲

  23. Here's a caterpillar I found in my garden says:

    Ahhh Muffy!! She was my very first villager alongside Bud ;-;
    I lost my save data and had to restart, I even had both their photos along with Peggy's ;-;

  24. Villagers trash
    Timmy & Tommy’s treasure

  25. How did you miss the garbage can? It was literally 4 feet away from you!

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