I Reached 100 Trillion Power And Defeated Overhaul Boss! – Anime Fighting Simulator X Roblox

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  1. la paciencia que debe de tener para ser tan bueno en los juegos

  2. i have the max chakra multiplier it cost me 13million yen


  4. i am requesting mr mayrushart to play blox fruit it is a really fun game and for you it is a grinding game too and every one are excited for 1.20 update in blox fruit so i request you to play it 😶‍🌫

  5. When will there be a new video about anime fighters

  6. hi mayrushart i really want you do a noob to master of : IQ Wars Simulator

    bye and ty if u do it (its gonna be hard bc of try harders in the game but for you its gonna be easy)
    Keep up good work !! respect to you !!

  7. Hello May! Great video. I was wondering if you could make a video on Dragon Soul. It is very popular right now and it is a very well made game!

  8. hey mayrushart! is there any chance that i can use one of your private server….I can't grind properly and that's the main reason why i quit the game for being weak my power is 13.7m

  9. Hey mayrushart I have a question for you. The new update of Sword warriors has arrived, the 5th world. Are you going to shoot your new video

  10. can you give me a huge one name:lecacdo good luck

  11. what otrademarks video on how to get chikra fast overnight its so good

  12. Whats the point of the mount when you can fast teleport mayrushart?😂😂

  13. I recommend the electric quirk bec the V move is so OP that it can 1 shot arlongo and takes half of shukakus health

  14. How do you make an outro like that? I want to know

  15. your video really inspired many kids to fight hard😅🤩

  16. The dedication he puts into these types of videos is insane. the grinding is fun to watch.

  17. does he have discord cuz i rlly wann jin these type of stuff

  18. server boost doesn't stack with stat boost so srry man but u wasted a TON of rbx

  19. Mayrushart you didn’t do the Zoro quest for the 2 new swords

  20. Hey rush art I met ur brother and he gave me 2 Huges ing pet sim x and I'm a huge fan

  21. If you ever train sword for a long time again, train inside a chakra or durability area because the stats your champion give get multiplied aswell.

  22. 1 thing I recommend is from the beginning do zoro's quest, he gives 5000x sword and 2500x sword

  23. The game is awesome but the y'en farm is vert boring

  24. Vaas : Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same fucking thing… over and over again expecting… shit to change…

  25. May update 2 released! you can now get yen via afk grinding!
    will be appreciated if you play it :3

  26. I didn't think you could play and hang for so long

  27. Farming in this game is kinda easy jsut get any companion and grinf fr

  28. I was watching his videos about fighting simulator and now about fighting simulator x… This guy is truly legend

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