I Played and Rated 100 Free Steam Games.

I”m not gonna lie to you, this has been my most ambitious project yet. It was crazy difficult to edit this, I wish I slowed it down more – but I had to get the video up, been working on this for months. Live and learn!

What a ride. Comment thoughts below 🙂


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  1. Tf2 in B tier is crazy especially since you put it below world boss. That game was not good

  2. how thy fuck do you give juice galaxy a 1.4
    don't you like getting your juice sucked

  3. Not free but if you have the patience, Elite Dangerous is by far my favorite "space game". Even more so if you have VR. Not a ton of content but the combat is really challenging and rewarding and there's 15 rather in depth professions you can focus on including space mining, passenger or freight courier, smuggler, mercenary, or a scrapper. Each of these jobs you pick up has a different ship configuration that works best and the game's progression is tied to your ship's ability to take on more demanding jobs.

  4. Calling Destiny 2 a 'free game' should be titled as misinformation

  5. I'm still the only reason Jeff finished poppy playtime

  6. The opening! epic. the whole edit is so enjoyable to watch. hope new streams soooooooon!? cya

  7. Great tier list, CoD should've been lower.

  8. Dude thank you for this video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mindy st. Claire got me dead 😭 😭 😭

  10. Bro did not just say that Redmatch 2 sucks, I have WAY TOO MANY HOURS on it, if you play a while you'll realize what it has to offer and the satisfying feeling when you hit that one clip

  11. Your just wrong about juicy galaxy, your just wrong. I’m sorry.

  12. Honestly, I love nothing, it is literally the meaning of my life.


  14. Why would you tell me not to look at the fan art of the deepest sword? Of course I did it as fast as you told me not to and I am now traumatized

  15. Deltarune wasn’t here, 0/10

    Jokes aside, good video, pretty goood opinions


  17. If you do more video like this I think you should check out Dungeon Defenders 2.

  18. The best video game rating video ever made.tnx for this ❤

  19. ah man ive got some more free games that are top tier:

    1. Die in the Dungeon Origins: I may be cheating for this one as it's a free prologue to a different game, but it's still quite fun. Also Dwerve: Prologue is a nice little demo to a cool game.
    2. Knight Club: A small little local fighter. Has variety in your loadout & is definitely worth a try.
    3. Tadpole Tales: An incredible shoot em up with 3 bosses, it's essentially a modern arcade game.
    4. Red Planet Farming: A great, fun little farming game with 4 regions and a bunch of different food, upgrades, & buildings. There are balancing issues, but it's a fun time. I'm trying to work on modding the game, so wish me luck.

  20. I was unsure if mtga was gonna make the list and was pleasantly surprised by the review. 😅

  21. You should check out funny truck. It’s a game where you play as a funny truck.

  22. Hey man, I highly recommend giving Idleon a try. It's so addicting and I can't seem to put it down. Trust me, you won't regret it. (Might regret)

  23. I sometimes play war robots on my phone (because I’m too broke to get a good pc) and tbh i forgot it existed but i found it kind of nice

  24. I am glad I found your video today, Thanks you lovely.

  25. 10.0 to the free version of CS2💀

  26. I guess you haven't checked Last Epoch…S tier 100%

  27. Your heartwarming song at the end made me sub 🙄🙄

  28. how could you not include graal era, THE BEST free game on steam

  29. "Touch grass they said, not today." -Jeff

  30. Its crazy someone who wants to be a game developer has enough one-dimensional of a taste to make me comment on a youtube video

  31. I mean the early games of war robots is snail simulator but when you move on that game is fast paced like real fast paced. (but p2w still dont recommend)

  32. These takes are kind of trash, brawlhalla is good, either you didn’t play or idk, just cus ‘it’s like smash’ (not really) it should NOT be at C

  33. I had a blast playing one armed robber with some online friends. It has some good strategy involved in it to beat some levels. I would suggest trying it again. Also planet s is one of the best RTS games I’ve played ever, and it’s even free. I would recommend playing with a friend and actually doing diplomacy, but if you don’t have friends then the bots are fine, it’s just they are a bit fast with developing for first timers.

  34. Worn thin
    World Boss
    King of Crabs
    Kreedz Climb
    Omega Strikers
    Red Hot Vengance

  35. i have 2 random questions for you:

    since you forgot about Poppy Playtime and didn't provide a detailed description, why did you dislike it so much?

    and, if Deltarune was on here, where would you rate it?

  36. this should get more views, like, a lot more

  37. Nice vid, maybe you could do a sequel in the future cause it genuinely helped me find a lot of really cool games

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