I Opened 1,200+ SUMMER STARS For This SECRET UNIT – Anime Adventures

Been sick for a while but we’re Unboxing 1,200+ Summer Stars for Roger Secret Unit!

⭐Use Star Code “VANILLA” when buying RBX or Premium⭐
(If you use this code, I will receive a commission from Roblox)

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Anime Adventures is a tower defense game where you collect popular anime characters to defend your base from waves of enemies. Team up with friends to take on even tougher challenges, or compete in PvP battles against other players. Earn rewards and customize your characters to create your own unique squad.

If you’re reading this you’re a real G! Comment if you have Roger below!

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  1. Kuya vanilla penge pride skin mk skin oshy skin please hahahahaha

  2. Idol Vanilla Pwede po yung Gojo skin for Freezo?

  3. is it normal… To have no Unique Unit… For years..?

  4. Can i have mythic skin or legendary skin 🙂

  5. I cann join in your secret portal pls my username is ambotambe12345 pls lods

  6. I got roger from 40 stars and im just lvl 33 wild

  7. I got roger on my first 10 spins today after grinding the event non stop

  8. welp ive been grinding non stop this update but im so unlucky ive done 300+ portal still has no secret portal no cap i wanna get poseidon

  9. Hi po can you slide me pride skin please

  10. Grinding for 10K capsules calculated: So 10k capsules is 1.5M shells and u get at least 750 shells from tier 5-6 so u need to do 2K portals and it takes 5-7 min to clear 1 portal for average 5-6 ppl team so it will take at least 10K min which is equal to 167~ hours

  11. Good luck vanilla, (No need to flex but I got roger in 43 stars)

  12. It's nice to see people getting lucky in anime adventures when i don't get one even after 401 pulls

  13. Bro I got Roger in 42 capsules and I never hatch a mythical skin or until😢

  14. Me lucky got 1 mythic skin and 2 legendary skin 10 pulls and after ten pulls got 1.mythical skin after that 10 pulls again got kizume then 1 pull got mythic skin

  15. I Got all the summer units except roger 🥲🥲

  16. Can i have oshy.bulma and mk skin with tengen
    Acc: fines672

  17. I 2 pitty and I got 2 harribu I'm sad

  18. Kuya pa hingi po kahit isang fly unit language kahit si haribu lang kahit level 1 ok na kuya walla kasi ako fly unit sana mapansin mopo kuya

  19. 2k capsules bro and i still dont have roger❤️😭

  20. i like the summer update kasi nakuha ko si rogerrrrr

  21. Vannila u got the wrong pants for cosplay i just noticed

  22. Nakakuha shiny harribu at shiny poseidon soo good luck to all of you grinding

  23. idol ni migeul wala daw paksiw sabiya muka kadaw puwet idol ni migeul

  24. idol ni migeul wala daw paksiw sabi nya muka kadaw puwet idol ni migeul

  25. My friend spend 3000 summer star and didn't get roger.

  26. I got roger in 100 capsules and know i realize how lucky i am

  27. Hey bro! want to use my acc for a video? you can showcase my roger if you like (hes only lvl 84 rn)

  28. Try opening at 7:30pm PH time. Ive seen a lot of people getting it on that time. Hahaha if you got it, dont forget me sir vanilla haha

  29. I got roger in my first 50 stars while taking a dump😂 almost dropped my phone in the toilet

  30. kuya vanilla can you give me a legendary ussop skin pls

  31. I opend 10 and got roger hehehehehehehehehe

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