I Maxed Fireball for War!

Judo Sloth Gaming
Maxing the New Epic Fireball Equipment for a War Attack! Judo Sloth Gaming completes the Super Dragon Spotlight Event, unlocking the Fireball Equipment and gemming it to maxed level. A number of attacks are shown as the Fireball is being levelled up so you can see its effectiveness and gauge how much Ore you want to spend upgrading it. This also allows a number of strategies to be taught in the video before testing the Level 27 Fireball out in a Town Hall 16 War Attack. Enjoy!

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  1. Judo pls share war bases for th16, th15 and th14 please!!

  2. the fireball is actually so good!

  3. But I think that new ability not really good to use because that throw bom not continue just one moment

  4. Do you get to keep it infinitely once you buy it even after the event ends??

  5. Bro make a video of clan capitals best attacks

  6. چه ذوقی کرده بودی شیخ😂😂❤

  7. The battle machines ability has a glitch it recovers very low health while taking damage

  8. If I don't have grand warden, and I'm about to buy fireball equipment…will I be able to use it after I recieve grand warden ? Thanks ❤

  9. Well now all we need is an item that makes warden summon mages

  10. This is actually an overpowered equipment with max level im still saving up to buy it cant wait ❤

  11. Is it just me or did bro fix his hairline 👀

  12. We need to get an option to start a new account if you delete one. I say this because my account got hacked and deleted and I can’t play anymore. I still love the game. But it’s been 4 years since I last played and now my friends are back into the game.

  13. Very humbling to see that even the pros accidentally go into an attack with the Warden on flight instead of ground 🤣 Thanks for another great showcasing vid Judo!

  14. I have a question

    I am th 8 player if i purchase the ability will i will get it when i will reach th 11

  15. "My goodness that was so Epic"
    Turns from 😁 into 😐 in 2 seconds.

  16. can you request supercell to get a chance to change clan names

  17. I don' even know how much money Judo has spent on CoC 🫣

  18. always earth quake first since it damages based on current health

  19. Subscribe to Flashing Mr Gamer if you are a coc fan

  20. PQP, nível extremo de noobice esse video kkkkkkkk

  21. As a professional video game balancer, I confirm that clash of clans is pay to win and pay to progress.

  22. Bro my town hall is 10..so now can I get this ability?as warden srts at th11..plz ans my question..

  23. Hi I am from Bangladesh. For the First time im going to purchase skin. How to use code?

  24. According to you whats better Single Target or the Multi Target..?

  25. I have been watching you for probably 5 years now and just realized I am not subscribed😮😮😮 at least I have bough ALOT with code judo which is clearly the best support a creator code so use code judo

  26. Judo When the frozen arrow coming to the shop? I missed that event 😔

  27. what happen if i get the fireball without having grand warden😅

  28. 10:43 builders casually building in the middle of a fucken raid bro haha

  29. обычным игрокам миллион лет качать это фаербол, проще другое вкачать

  30. The Fireball is one of the most fun gears, but it is very situational. Developing my strategy alongside the Invisible Royal Champion Walk was exciting, especially to see it all come together in the War Attack.

    I Broke Clash of Clans in War: https://youtu.be/JI_qzz4FeSo?si=8RmTRfr_La_VVZ8a

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