HUGE CHANGES! The Fall Of Gyarados #shorts

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The Fall Of Gyarados in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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  1. Zone in NU just seems crazy coming from the days of hp fire magnet pull

  2. Wait until Palkia and dialga are allowed in OU💀

  3. My poor Reuniclus has it rough in RU and now is in NU. This i crazy yall

    Why gyarados can't learn moves it could learn in the past?
    And scald doesn't burn? Why that nerfs?😠

  5. Unironically NU and RU might just be the most fun tiers to play in at this point. It's basically just all the Pokemon from past metas jumbled together

  6. If played right reuniclus absolutely DESTROYS most common OU teams as long as it is supported correctly and can get a trick room off while indeede-m sets up terrain 😂

  7. Shit game. Bring back old pokemon games

  8. the greed from Nintendo and GF is just heartbreaking. they ruined a kid's game for money.

  9. Haha powercreep go brrr 💀👌

  10. I can not express how devastated I was when I learned that terra grass power whip moxie gyarados wasn't going to be a thing.

  11. Doing gyarados like that? Ok, ill stick to palworld

  12. Meanwhile arcanine has barely been out of higher tiers and incineroar hasn't left once

  13. Yeah as someone who hasn't played since gen 6 seeing this NU tier is crazy to me

  14. How has it come to Infernape and Torterra in the same tier…wild stuff man

  15. NU is gonna have some stacked competitions now

  16. How is Mew NU?!?! He can learn every single TM 😢

  17. Scarlet and Violet is insane with how many once amazing OU Pokemon are dropping to lower tiers.

  18. Power creep in pokemon has really made competitive feel shittier. NU being akin to DPP and Gen5 OU is a tragedy.


  20. bro gyarados still slaps in ranked on scvi what u on about

  21. Gyrados in NU, what is this world we are living in ?

  22. Simply use Gyarados, even if he is no longer good. He will rise again.

  23. This is why I don’t like competitive, power creep is so huge that not even Pokemon that used to be strong are like fodder now 🫤

  24. Power creep. Each gen just gets more OP.

  25. I have no idea what you're talking about tbh.

  26. Nah give reiniculous another chance, TRUST I know it’ll cook 😭🙏 give my boy a chance

  27. Some people take this shit way to seriously it's a game meant for children lol

  28. Mew in NU is proof enough that power creep needs to be a crime.

  29. Smogon tiers are untrustworthy. Several true competitive players will tell you Arcanine has always been, even today, an amazing Pokémon for doubles, and yet it's not even UU.

  30. I hope we get the regional variant/convergent evolution because I will never use Gyarados that water/flying type is just a bad typing.

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