How to Sculpt D.Va in 1 Minute #shorts #art #blender #sculpture

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Modeling D.Va from Overwatch using Blender 3D.
Long version of sculpting D.Va:

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  1. Bro subdivided or something with out telling us

  2. I like to sculpt girls. Don't you know I'm utterly insane?

  3. And that blizard took an year for this

  4. Sculp in 1 min❌
    Fast forward to 1min✅

  5. Instructions unclear created a nuclear power-plant. What now?

  6. Is it really okay to sculpt the whole thing? Will it make the topology worse?

  7. if I knew how to do exactly the same thing in seconds, I would make my characters not miserable

  8. Yea I'm not looking foward to taking 3d classes

  9. you dont even need to duplicate her legs, just mirror them using the 'mirror' modifier, that way you dont have to worry about misalignment , right?

  10. instead of making dva, could you make a tutorial that isn’t half a decade out of date!

  11. "3d modeling is just moving points in a 3d space in certain ways to make cool shapes" – Tanaki-kami

    blender is not hard it's just over complicated

  12. Can you tell me how you increased the poly count to make the model more detailed? I am yet to find a tutorial on this, because a lot of peoppe like low poly models i guess.

  13. It seems like working with clay
    That awesome ❤❤

  14. It's like saying if you want to draw you just need to draw

  15. I'm pretty new to blender but do we need to have drawing skills in order to make 3d models in blender?

  16. it should be more like "How to sculpt mr potatohead" if you look at my result. but thanks for the video 🙂

  17. What do you do this on? Do you work on an iPad? What software?

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