How to make a Space Game with Scratch

Learn to create a Spaceship Game with Scratch! In this video you’ll see how to:
– Add a backgroung
– Add characters
– Place and move objects around the stage
– Add randomness
– Synchronize characters by message passing
– Use costumes
– End the game


  1. Thanks bro i am in atl space challenge and i have to create a game this was so useful thanks a lot

  2. dude. thanks a bunch! this was soooo useful 🙂

    i am doing a school project using scratch and was confused on movement and shooting
    once again, thanks!

  3. Reall y helped it and was fun and not too fast!

  4. thank you bro i have the same way . Please post a video how to make a train game on scratch 2 offline edititer

  5. I am currently working on a quite big Scratch project that is a game where Iet you build your own rocket with whatever parts you want from the ones that I put in the game, and then you can launch your rocket and select to go to the moon or the other solay system planets! And the rocket engines have their "fuel usage" scripts and variable(s) and there is also the total usable fuel from the rocket, the weight, so depending on how/what you made the rocket, you can get to one of the planets/the moon as long as there is enough fuel for the engines that you put and if there is enough 'rocket power' required to reach each location; and currently I only made the moon and Mars landable (you just select on a map the location/planet you want to go, and if it is landable like Mars or the moon, you just select the "Land mode" navigation, and when you launch the rocket it will just automatically fly there, and if it's not a landable location, the rocket will just make a fly-by and you can look, but if it's a landing, you will actually witness the entire landing process and I already find my project very cool!

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