How To Get Free T6 Ships🖖Star Trek Online

MC Stu
In this video I go over all the ways to get free t6 ships in Star Trek Online.

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  1. You know, I've been playing this game since beta. I love Trek and all things Trek. I love this game so much. It's really starting to press on me the money grabbing the way it's set up. It's not very different than it's always been with ships. It's just starting to weigh on me after all the years. They expect us to pay 30 bucks for a t6 ship 3k zen and zen is 10 dollars for 1k. That's not enough though. Then we need to buy a fleet module for a bunch of ships. That's not enough though. Then we need to buy upgrade tokens to get the most out of all of those ships. We have to buy inventory space. We have to buy bank space for single characters but that's not enough. We need to buy separate account bank space. We need to buy extra character slots. We need to buy gambling keys to get the coolest ships. We have to buy a freaking unlock to be able to hold more energy credits. Oh but we also need to struggle constantly for dilithium. It's a spiral of pay pay pay. I so long for the days when we could at least subscribe monthly for some extra things but even that was taken away and now we can 0ay 200 for a lifetime subscription. It doesn't even include the expensive t6 ships and the double and triple cost 9f upgrading those ships. 500 zen a month for a lifetime sub is annoyingly small. Ok rant over. Thanks for reading my whining and letting me vent. All those complaints being stated … I'll see you all in game! Lol

  2. Taking a week to exchange dil for zen is definitely broken.

  3. I always get back into this game JUST after they had free stuff available.

  4. I used to have a character several years ago which has disappeared. I am playing again now and I really enjoy the game. It's a solid game. It's good enough that I may spend a little real money. Grinding isn't an option for me. Just too much real life stuff. The game hasn't changed much which is a little disappointing. I appreciate the vids. It makes it to where I can focus with what little time I have to play video games. Thank you.

  5. I mostly am interested in the star fleet from the the voyager era. I forget that is called 😅

  6. Apparently this is a really old game from 2010 running on near dead servers but they are still charging noobs $30 for a ship.

  7. A lot of people dont realise getting 300mil ec for a t6 is not actually thst bad.
    Tour the galaxy is ok but a better way to make a LOT more than 1 mil is to sell your R & D materials and components, you will be surprised when you realise how much some of them sell for.

    You are always picking up R& D mats and a lot of the time they are just sitting in your inventory, just sell them, you can always get more.

  8. as a free to play player.. no way to get that market idea cause your capped out at 15million 🙁

  9. I am playing the Wesley Crusher/Terran Event. Any ships on that?

  10. So i get this right. The February Event just started? how long do i have time to get this ship then?

  11. Don't forget about endeavors for ec I get about 1 Mill from doing all of them give or take

  12. I've never had anyone buy my dil and I've been playing since the beginning.

  13. waiting for 8 months now to get it exchanged for zen. still nothing. i would say its broken at that point.

  14. Waddup dude , again nice video not that im in need of this information but it helped me understand quite a few things. Atm watching nearly all videos on my laptop so my main pc can just lvl its klingon and other characters xD ty again so much for the simple yet super effective videos brother appreciate you 1love .

  15. 15:53 you can also get 1 or 2 ships by doing the faction reputations for the fleet modules and been part of a fleet yes you don’t get the console but it’s still a t6 or two for almost no work just log in and a few clicks in a menu before going off to play the game.

  16. 6:16 I got really confused for a second there as ied just looked at when this video came out.

    12:28 ok so that’s were that ship came from, I’m levelling it for its trait on an alt but I couldn’t for life of me remember we’re ied gotten it, I was sure ied not used any zen on it.

  17. All complaints aside, this shows how fair of a F2P game STO actually is.Of course you have to know what you're doing, but with videos like this, it's not a real problem.Yes, the game itself could do a better job at explaining stuff. I returned after 8y and had absolutely no clue. However that's where you have to cut an old game some slack. It has over the years grown into a content monster. But there are a lot of helpful and friendly players around to get you on track.

  18. I’m playing this game on my Xbox right now all the time how to get a free ship and upgrade

  19. the problem with purchasing t6 ships on a f2p account is the ec cap of 15 million

  20. Seems like a second job just to play F2P…was looking forward to playing but you just talked me out of it, just looking for a fun F2P game that I don't have to work my butt off doing it.

  21. Thanks for the guide. Been thinking of returning to the game after an 8 year break. Guide puts the game in a bit more of a positive light than from when I left it.

  22. I missed the chance to get the Khitomer alliance battlecruiser. It was a ship I was really looking forward to. Idk if cryptic will put a way to acquire it in the game. It’s been a while since that event has ended. But thanks for the info.

  23. another great video explaining things to a newbie like myself me personally I'm no hurry to get the best stuff to get the top most powerful ships whatever even though I'm a newbie I'm taking my time playing the game and enjoying the storyline I know it's an older game but I still like the storyline in the options of doing other things I know for you veterans a lot of stuff has changed and that's why a lot of people have stopped playing it I guess would be my opinion like most games you know Star Wars Galaxy which I played for years when Sony first came out with it then it was dumbed down in my opinion I was a veteran and here comes the newbies and after a month's time not even everybody's running around with Lifesavers in the city no pre-death the point is I understand why the veterans quit cuz things change too much for them when you love a game and have compassion for it and all of a sudden these changes are made and it's not the same but overall just like Star Wars Galaxy I kept playing even though it changed because I played for myself just like this game here I actually enjoy it but I know it's not for everyone but your videos make it a lot easier to play this game and I appreciate that keep up the great work

  24. at the moment you have to wait ~80 days for dil to zen exchange, with 9,5 mil dil in sell

  25. would this work for the kelvin timeline enterprise as well

  26. I want that ship you are flying in the video, that is epic XD

  27. Yikes, at that rate, it would take you almost 200 days to refine that much dilithium.

  28. Part of the reason why people say it's broken is because hundreds of people are selling zen for dilithium but no one is doing the opposite. For the past three weeks I have been trying to sell dilithium to no avail. Nothing even happens.

  29. i bought my yamato years ago and still use it. i have two great mirror ships too but my main is my dreadnaught. really all you have to do is buy some keys. wait for some good lock boxes and youll get one. it may take a few boxes but i pulled my two mirror ships with 4 or 5 keys. it was 5 or under. thats all i remember. its been years. i just came back to sto and there are newer massive ships now lol.

  30. Think the amount of Zen they charge is crazy. Especially the legendary ones. And muds market ships. Event ships are on okay but people want the better ships. The only way to get those will be to grind the dil or EC. I tend to do a lot Admiralty as you get both and any marks you get, you change for Dil. More toons more dil. Mor dil mor zen. Buy keys sell keys. More EC. Also 3rd party selling platforms are also amazing.

  31. Some sites have a sorta charity sale, or something like that, where you can get a bundle, sometimes containing 2 ships, with some other little goodies, for like $10-$20.

  32. you taught how to do galaxy I am now good at it I do it fro different locations to change it out I even can do it with out slipstream

  33. dont they have a fri ship in on of the reps?

  34. I remember when the Dilithium Exchange was going for 160 dilithium per 1 zen back during Delta Rising in 2015.

  35. Currently trying to work towards the T6 constitution temporal light cruiser, although I’m not quite sure how to get it. I know I can try and open lockboxes to get it but the chance is really low and I don’t want to waste Zen (I’m a f2p player). Any suggestions?

  36. ive seen everything you need to do to get the event ships……it is not even in the same realm as simple…..

  37. I used to roll my eyes at the people who complained that they have more ships then they can fly.
    Then I became one of those people.

  38. I was very confused for a sec when u said winter event are u in southern hemisphere

  39. Another great videos for new players! Great job!

  40. I'm actually (finally) working on getting Lobi to get a ship by buying keys with ec to open lock boxes. Lost interest in the zen store ships though I'm still planning on getting the Slithus T6. Lately I've been grinding dil in a new way. Just making a bunch of new accounts, running them all to level 20, collecting over 2 million ec and 24K dil each time from both grinding and recruit bonuses. Takes about 30-40 minutes. Been doing like 4 a day. Then I run them all to 50. Start reputations towards tier 5. Takes 20 days. Then I end up with about 90-100K dil on every character. So yea, with the time it takes to do all that, about 2 months. But, I can still do admiralty once a day, get the dil bonus pool, and I know how to overlap the bonus pool to stay full. Each character lasts about 6 months til the admiralty system is putting out crap. It literally seems to die. So I whack the character and start over. Never have to do ground assignments.

  41. 1:26 I totally disagree. It cost time. The most precious of all currencies. By far the most precious because you can't regain it. And in the way the game is right now and how many dumb ways the devs employed to waste the time of the players the cost-benefit for investing your time in this game is becoming worst and worst year after year. Remember kids, if it's free it means you are the product.

  42. 2:56 187,5 days refining in one character. Not exactly very New player friendly.

  43. Yeah it's too bad about the exchange the amount of ships from past events, packs and such is ridiculous. If the cost wasn't so much and many more ships, consoles, etc were reigned in by I guess what is now gearbox in the future it'd go a long way to cause more players to get more involved. But as Spencer stated to me, their making a huge amount of profit and people are continuing to spend the money. Maybe if that changed which it's not going to Spencer made it clear players or sto maybe then changes would come to the exchange. Which is too bad, cause so many ships will remain unattainable due to how much you have to grind to get them. I do have one question Mcstu I never can get a clear answer whether through googling it or asking other players, what the credit cap is for console, I've read two billion, but wanted to be sure hopefully no ships sell for over that amount on there. Anyway enjoy your content keep doing what you do as I've enjoyed your channel!

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