How To Get Free T6 Ships🖖Star Trek Online

MC Stu
In this video I go over all the ways to get free t6 ships in Star Trek Online.

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  1. Honorable mention to the account unlock T6 M'Chla Bird of Prey from KDF recruitment.

  2. If you grind Dil hardcore on 10+ toons for a few months you can amass enough to trade it on the exchange for a few thousand Zen (which currently takes a few weeks to sell), which will buy you between 3 to 4 single ships in the store or one ship bundle, depending on the discount. Only ever buy stuff on discount!
    Since cryptic have significantly lowered the Dil rewards for the rep system, it is possible to scrape together about 500k Dil per toon with reasonable time investment (ca. 2 months), which nets you 1000 Zen on the exchange. So you'll need to grind 3 toons daily over 2 months simultaneously for one ship on F2P. So it is easily possible to grind out a dozen Zen store ships over a year if you go all out with Dil farming alone. Provided you don't have much of a life that is.
    Rewards from the year long event campaign plus eventual T6 coupons and event ships can get you another 2 – 6 T6 ships a year. Giveaways can also get you multiple decent ships if you're lucky.
    So playing STO hardcore for a year and exploiting all possibilities should give you access to all the fancy ships you need or want for free. You only pay for it all with your lifetime. 😉

  3. 5:03 Spam patrols. Some patrols can give you over 300k in trash items+ an eventual good item you can sell on the exchange. Make a good AoE build, and kill your enemies fast because the fast you defeat them the higher the chance for items to drop. Spamming patrols a few times a day with my characters I got over a billion EC in a few weeks of grind. Enough to by 3 lobi shps, Boimle's effect to my main-alts.

  4. Great vid! Hope this helps alot of the new players.

  5. Surprised you didn't mention fleet ships, other than that great video.

  6. I got lucky and started playing when there was an event with a t6 ship. The Jarok Alliance carrier. And i know not the best ship but i have been enjoying it.

  7. Well, here's another way: Win in one of your giveaways? 🙂

  8. You forgot that Klingon Recruits get a T6 pretty much right off the bat.

  9. I have a paid and free account as well. My F2P account exists so I can test builds that have no Zen, no EC cap increase. The only things I have available are the things that I can grind out for free, not counting the DilEx. The biggest issue I have is that some of the fancier Exchange traits are higher than the 15 million EC cap.

    Even so, all of my F2P builds are viable for Advanced content with zero sweat.

    I want to second the T6 Reputation Fleet Ship Module method. It does require that you be part of a fleet and the T6 Fleet Ships don't come with a Trait or Console. That said, there are some excellent platforms upon which you can build.

    Great vid MCStu.

  10. Mirror Gagarin goes pew pew pew!!!! It's a really good ship

  11. all great points. been plying strong for 2 straight years now, and i have done some of those things. haven't done any dil farming though; seems a bit too much for my taste. so i will spend a combination of money, time and earned resources to acquire new things. for me this is the best way to play. great video

  12. So basically Cryptek made getting a decent ship for free so mind numbingly long and tedious that it is easier to just give them money that they absolutely do not put back into the game -.-

  13. i remember getting back in this game (ec cap in past + t5 was max and hard to get… .so i stopped playing) i came back right in event that gave me the Temer T6 account wide…. Still having t5 max in mind as free player that was a nice boost for my entire account, and kept me in the game free ship after free ship 😉

  14. Its 8 ships IF you play PC its 5-6 for Console (no giveaway codes for us) but oure Dill Excange is not ( jet) Broken ;P
    STU, yes I know working as intended but only on ONE side, therefore… it is broken.. ( Hyper inflated as the backlog was what 3,5 mill last time I checked ? )

  15. why are your shields set to max at the start there?

  16. Let me summarize all this xD

    If you all you want is ANY t6 ship for free – there's events that give them by daily gameplay plenty of times throughout the year

    BUT, if you want a specific t6 ship, one that will make or break your immersion, fits your theme and your characters, maybe is the only one you really want the look of – you only have two options – EITHER playing the event campaign throughout the year OR by being active during a t6 coupon give-away.

    This means, considering you really do need a t6 for a smooth STO experience at lv65, you are forced to make do with a t6 ship you do NOT want to fly, until 6-10 months have passed and you have completed the event campaign OR were graced by the devs and were active when they were giving away a single t6 coupon.

    I have NEVER had 1 mil refined dilithium in this game … the max I ever had was about 300k, and that's only because you get 10-15k per daily once you're done with the event main reward … otherwise I wouldn't even have that. Also farming alts is crazy, it's not just about refining dilithium on them to buy zen, it's also getting unrefined dilithium on them on the first place – which means more game time. What percentage of players has so much time? That people that use those grew these alts over years and years to now have it easier. That's not something a newer player or casuals can do.

    This means asian-level grind is required to get what you want in this game for free, which is a recipe for frustration.

    Which is why I purchased my first t6 with real money.

    Also I believe you missed the rep system fleet modules which you use to buy a fleet t6 ship.

  17. This channel should be an official go to for STO, especially for newbies.

  18. mil dps…Im happy to get 50k-95k and thats with everything epic on a T6X. how the heck do you get a mil dps? I know its done just not sure what the build is to achieve that.

  19. When you mentioned that I can get a part time job and make more than just by rep grinding my brain exploded, idk y I never considered this option 😂😂😂😂

  20. Stu, alot if the thing you mentioned is for PC. Alot of persons that I know of play on console and so me of these options are not available to console players. It would good to point out what you can get for console.

    I started playing and invested some IRL Money "not alot" just got 3 ships, key, duty officers and inventory slots. Which can't be transferred to PC if I wanted to switch.

  21. I joined the Altaholics on STO, and keep seeing pop ups for "t6 ships acquired by" and wonder what it is. Lvl 54 right now.

  22. Oooo that was a new smooth intro animation!

  23. I can do 20K zen through grind a month if I push it and there isn't a massive backlog of Zen orders just rinse and repeat the Ferengi tour of duty admiralty boost on multiple toons, Running out of things to buy from the Zen store so grinding to do giveaways next xmas.

  24. Unless i missed it you left out the phoenix prize packs. You stand a chance of getting a t6 ship there. Maybe not a great one but still better than not having a t6.

  25. Klingon recruits can also get a T6 B'Rel class bird of prey as one of the rewards. That can be claimed account wide. So something to keep in mind when the next recruit event comes around.

  26. I honestly don't care about anything else than the events (don't get me started about Q's Winterwonderland). As a Console player the Campaigns of third party Fall often completely flat. Add to this STO has, as many other games, not enough content to play it as long as the grinds would require. But if i ever change my mind i know where to look for thx for that work.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  27. Also watch out for charity bundles. While not free, sometime they can offer several account wide unlock ships for $10-$20.

  28. The Obelisk Carrier was a bonus ship from autumn 2013;
    The Elachi Qulash Frigate was an bonus Event ship in the autumn of 2019;
    The Gagarin Warship was a bonus ship from autumn 2021.
    However, these bonus ships are not guaranteed for each year.
    But, it's always worth keeping a very close eye on the STO website because we never know when we might get a bonus ship.

  29. I play on PC and had DIL on the exchange for 7 months, zero buyers.

  30. The last time I sold on the dilithium exchange it took 9 days for the sale to complete and it is pegged at the 500 dil per Zen mark. Swapping Zen for dil is still instantaneous though.

  31. Для русского новичка, особенно трудно начинать.

  32. Personal method I use on console currently, 1 main, 8 farmers, this can be done with no delta,gamma,kdf, or temp toons, takes a little effort to start but worth it, take all you farmers to ds9, this is where we start, head to trader take any haggle for duties and only do the relieve "item" duties if they are blue or purple, next stop security officer for turn over contraband, next stop is sector space, go to your bridge and access your computer for duties, both colonist duties, any tac that give contraband as reward that's under 20hrs the 48hr aren't worth it, ops stage play, med test cybernetic implant, now we head to dil mine only if we have a ticket, if you don't head to fleet dil to get that extra 500. That's duties done, the rest is admiralty (ferengi) for the 30k bonus, and rep if you have marks or you can sell your marks up to you, if your still short head o nimbus as a last resort or run 2 event qs of random qs but if you have been doing this method you are already making over 10dil unrefined a day plus contraband, colonist, prisoners, trader items, doffs, ec. Takes in total about 1hr-1hr 30min for all 9, so not that bad on time, at dil rates on console you make about 200-225z a day roughly 75k dil, which is 1 key plus 100z or save for over 6000z end of month your call, anyway this is tried an true no glitches, no stress, once it's going you can take breaks anytime with no worry, anyway have fun hope it works for you like it did me
    Flying verne, with everything I ever wanted, to a point ec has pretty much become meaningless to me other then for buying random stuff for sheets and giggles.

  33. I hate the kind of justification for monetization in the game by saying how easy it is to get a job and the irl money instead of playing the game, logic like that keeps these cashscams alive.

  34. I would also add in that newbies should watch some of the “best ships in c-store” videos before buying a ship. Even if you’re buying only for the looks, there are a lot of different variations of the same ships and some are better than others.

  35. 2000 buck's and counting on some account's lol i would know

  36. So I would like point out that buying ships from the exchange is not free due to the credit limit. You need to spend a minimum of 5 dollars to increase your credit limit to a point where you can actually grind enough credits to buy a ship from the exchange.

  37. lol "Winter Event" I had to turn and look at the date this was released and then just looked at it confused for a few seconds :'D

  38. Easy events and then grind the bonus for the dil

  39. Took me a year for my last 500 exchange dil to zen

  40. Thanks for making this video. I appreciate what you're doing to help potential new players to stick around and enjoy the game.
    Totally agree about time having value. Grinding for ZEN puts people on the road to burnout.

  41. I think the T6 coupons are my favourite. But I still don't know which reward I'll pick for the year long event. I'm not doing "free to play" but even then, I have a ton of ships account unlocked…I need to stop collecting so many Federation ships though lol.

  42. Im a 46 year old gamer and I started about 2 weeks ago. I really wish ida tried the game long before this cause I just hit lvl 40 and I'm realizing I really like it…

    But like most new players i was pretty lost on everything from how to spec my captain to finding my way around to stuff like the content of this vid – how the hell do I get a GOOD ship? I can tell ya too these vids have helped IMMENSELY to alleviate my moments of noob and for that I appreciate the hell out of ya for making them.

    Like ya said every dollar counts for most of us so money is not something I can throw without consideration in a game for ships haphazardly. I can probably pick one up in a couple weeks but obviously having the knowledge on all the ways to get one or more T6s is great because who's gonna only need one? Again much appreciated bro and thanks for the info.

  43. Not much left in the c-store I want, aside from a couple of Mudd's.

    I haven't spent real money in months. The contraband market is healthy too. So I'll watch the dil reserves swell.

    I'll probably save for the Keldon to complete the set for my Delta Cardy. In a few days I'll have the jellyfish ship to play around with too.

  44. Hey dude great 👍 video. FYI letting people know about the discords that giveaway ships I think would have fit.

  45. There has already been 3 out 5 event campaigns? wha? I only get the borg resurgence as elegible

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