How to Get a 5-Star Park Rating

Vitamin Delicious
Today I’m going to show you the absolute best way to get a 5-Star park rating in Theme Park Tycoon 2! As long as you follow along my tips and advice, you’ll have a 5-star park in no time. This is just another tutorial by your favorite Roblox youtuber, Vitamin D! I hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to take your vitamins!

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  1. WAIT A WHAT I think I saw this theme park today

  2. i got a jet 2 advert as soon as the people went flying

  3. Do you change your price for money when your 4 stars come?

  4. “But Matthews Ready to ride!” Thats my brothers name..

  5. It’s impossible for vitamin delicious to make a safe park without death

  6. What is real people were in the game and you killed it if they were a kid😢

  7. I already have five stars but I found this very enjoyable!

  8. Why is bro tryna act like he’s a phsyco he plays roblox for a living 😭

  9. thank you so much that help me get to 3 stars to 4😃

  10. I have 5 stars ⭐VITAMIN DELICIOUS AND A I A FAN

  11. Lol I’m sad because my name is the same has one of the dead people 🙁

  12. Also I like it when vitamin sees someone is dead and talks so joyfully 🙂 one time he said this “oh look I’m dead! That’s perfect!”

  13. i have 16 of these money rides, 10 intense and gentle rides, 3 water rides and 1 transportation rides. Everywhere are trash cans and benches and i have more than enough stalls. Still dont have 5 stars. Anyone know why that could be?

  14. I don't like that you make people died in your

  15. Can you vitamin make a face reveal videos for 2m subscribe ❤

  16. Ah yes. Theme park for celebrity. 35 dollar each 2 second roller coaster ride. Definitely will show how rich you are.

  17. Екатерина Григорьева says:

    what is the name of the game?

  18. Oh I got to reopen my water ride, sorry you guys can die now😊

  19. i got 5 stars and it costs over 200000

  20. Time to die it just warms my heart 😂

  21. Him-totorials are cringy.
    Meanwhile this a totorial

  22. Thanks man I was able to go from 0.5 stars to 5 in under 2 hours btw am I the only one who didn’t do this for the statue but the statue?

  23. There are such things as trash cans you know

  24. ⟬⟭♡︎ᴀʀᴍʏ ɢɪʀʟ♡︎⟭⟬ says:


  25. I didn't even learn anything.
    I did learn how to punish people by making them ride a log into a big hard boulder 😁

  26. toturial are cringe

    But not at complex games 💀

  27. i’ve had 5 star parks for years but i still watch this for entertainment

  28. I was so sad when Felix died cuz it’s my name😂

  29. i've seen 5 star theme parks that are just… spaghetti.

  30. Congrats on 10K! I hope you will keep making new video's. You need to be proud of this!

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